Research & Advocacy

It is important to be informed as CDA advocates for Dance on a national scale. Several resources exist to keep you up to date with the latest statistics and trends that will strengthen your advocacy for dance within the sector and your communities.

Statistics and Reports for Dance Advocates

Published by CDA-ACD

For the dance sector

For dance organizations

For individual artists

Research organizations

    • The Canada Council for the Arts is passionate about knowledge mobilization and the promotion of an innovative, data driven culture in support of public funding of the arts in Canada.
    • Mass Culture is an arts support organization that strives to harness the power of research to learn and generate new insights, enabling the arts community to be strategic, focused and adaptive.
    • Hill Strategies publishes research regularly as they gather and analyze interesting data and qualitative research into the state of the arts in Canada – insights that are vital to the arts community’s advocacy, fundraising, market research, self-evaluation, and more!
    • CAPACOA, Canadian Association for the Performing Arts, seeks to be a catalyst for innovation in the performing arts. We engage in or support research projects that can generate new perspectives on the presentation of the performing arts.
    • Archipel Research & Consulting is an Indigenous-owned and women-led company bringing together a diverse team of Indigenous, non-Indigenous, and racialized associates with the goal of bridging worlds of knowledge. In our work, we aim to generate understanding and coexistence between communities through our socially engaged way of doing business according to Indigenous and anti-racist principles, theories, and methodologies.


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