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Sharing the frequently asked questions about membership with CDA

Am I eligible to be an individual member?

CDA membership is for adults (age 18 or 19+ in your province or territory). Have a look to see which individual member categories fits for you. We encourage you to self-identify! If you do not identify as an artist or dance professional, Supporting Member category is also for anyone else who would like to join. If you are not sure, feel free to email us info@cda-acd.ca.

I am a student. Am I eligible to be a CDA member?

YES. Student Members are currently participating in an educational program in the field of dance, or were enrolled during the current CDA membership year. This includes learning through educational institutes, through direct mentorship, or any form of learning recognized in your form of dance. If you are currently a student but also have experience as a Dance Artist or Dance Professional, you are welcome to become a member in the category of your choosing.

Just sign-up on the individual member form and select the Student level.

I am an emerging, new, or pre-professional artist. Am I eligible to be a CDA member?

YES! We invite you to self-identify with whichever category that best fits for you when you sign-up, usually as Dance Professional or Dance Artist.

Can I be a member if I am not a dancer or choreographer?

YES! Anyone involved in the field of dance may join and we invite you to self-identify!

Our Dance Artists category includes: dancers, choreographers, dance teachers, designers, accompanists, rehearsal directors and dance writers (including interdisciplinary artists). Our Dance Culture Worker category includes those working in non-artistic capacities in the dance field, including: agents, managers, animators, facilitators, critics, curators, cultural workers, producers, presenters, arts administrators, dance therapists, curators, and archivists.

If those don’t fit, try our Supporting Member category, or email us at info@cda-acd.ca for support.

I am a CADA/East or CADA/West Individual Member. How do I sign up with CDA?


Your CADA/East or CADA/West individual membership AUTOMATICALLY grants you a CDA membership. This is a joint membership deal (and a great deal if we do say so ourselves!). So, no further action is required! Thank you for being so keen and patient as it can take some time to process things over with both organizations. Just contact info@cda-acd.ca if you have any questions or are trying to access your benefits. (Note: this does not apply to organizations)

How do I become a member?

Just fill out the Individual or Organization Membership Form online. That’s it!

How much does membership cost?

Membership fees vary based on your category. We are also offering pay-what-you-can rates in 2021-2022 to support the community during the pandemic. So no one is turned away due to financial means. Check the Individual Membership or Organization Membership page for details on fees.

What is a Supporting Member?

A Supporting Member (individual or organization) is a membership with most of the same benefits and perks of any member! This is for folks or organizations who do not identify as a Dance Artist, Professional, or Student, but are interested. This may include dance enthusiasts, audiences, other theatre, music, or arts professionals or non-profit workers not directly working in dance. We thank you for your support and involvement!

Can my organization become a member?

Organizations including dance companies, dance service organizations, collectives, ensembles, educational or training institutes are members. Eligible organizations must be registered or incorporated non-profit organizations in Canada, and have a sustained level of activity. Additionally, dance creation and performing companies must have dance professionals who have completed their basic training as their artistic directors.

If your organization is not a registered or incorporated non-profit, we invite you to look at the Supporting Member option, or email us at info@cda-acd.ca.

I am an individual. Why should I become a CDA member?

There are many reasons why each of our over 500 individual members choose to join CDA. CDA is the only national dance service advocacy organization in Canada, connecting, creating space for conversation, and advocating for the rights of everyone in dance. Individuals join because they believe in the power of the dance community being stronger together and see value in this work. They also join for some of the direct benefits, like events, information sessions, 0-1 Visa Letter support (for working in the US), and Group Health Benefits, and discounts on The Dance Current magazine. Check out the Benefits Page or email us info@cda-acd.ca if we can help answer questions.

I represent an organization. Why should I become a CDA member?

There are many reasons why over 100 organizations choose to join CDA each year. CDA is the only national dance service organization in Canada, connecting, creating space for conversation, and advocating for the rights of everyone in dance. Organizations join to support the cause, participate in community, and sometimes also join for direct benefits like access to Group Health Plan for their team, Letters of Reciprocity, and advocacy support. Check out the full Benefits Page or email us info@cda-acd.ca if we can help answer any questions to get you set-up.


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