Three sets of paired dancers partner. The person on the left is in a wheel chair and reaches up to the hand of their partner. The partner leans away and reaches, while holding onto a silver hoop that goes around the other dancer. There is mirroring symmetry of the wheels of the chairs and the held hoops.


What we do

The Canadian Dance Assembly fiercely supports and actively connects dance ecosystems across the country with over 500 individuals and 100 organizations. As the only national dance advocacy organization, we provide timely resources to empower and strengthen dance artists and arts workers across the field.

We are proud of our recent work within our dance communities, including:

  • Mobilizing emergency pandemic financial support for over 1400 artists, through Resilience Fund, prioritizing equity-deserving communities.
  • Hosting a four-part workshop series on trauma-informed practice, consent, and conflict resolution, which provided a safer space for artists to think individually and collectively about how to build liberation-focused and anti-oppressive values into their practices.

Our on-going work for dance advocacy beyond dance spaces has included:

  • Advocating the federal government for improved working conditions, through Employment Insurance (EI) reforms
  • Partnering with national arts organizations for collective advocacy, digital tools, international mobility for dancers, and audience-ticketing research
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What you can do

Share! To keep up this great momentum, we want to reach our diverse communities as much as we can!

Give! Any amount helps! Donate once or become a monthly donor to increase our impact. All contributions within your capacity would be greatly appreciated!

Whatever form it takes, your support is essential and very much appreciated!

Donations can also be made by e-transfer to or by cheque with the accompanying DONATION FORM mailed to (Canadian Dance Assembly PO Box 73543 Wychwood PO, Toronto, ON M6C 4A7)

Don’t forget to uplift dance artists and companies in your circles too: buy tickets, send a donation, follow and share artists on social media.

Be a proud dance advocate! Join us now to make a difference for dance.

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2023-2024 (as of May 15, 2024)

Animals of Distinction Arts Society
Heath Birkholz
Peggy Reddin
Richard Stoker
Sinha Danse
Stephanie Ballard
Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers

2022-2023 Donors

Animals of Distinction Arts Society
Aviva Fleising
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Wendy Reid

2021-2022 Donors

Animals of Distinction Arts Society
Aviva Fleising
Candice Pike
Cliff Le Jeune
David Warburton
Fannie Bellefeuille
Harmanie Rose
Katelynn Garden
Kingston School of Dance
Kristian Clarke
Norma Sue Stitt
Peggy Reddin
Rachel Gorman
Richard Stoker
Wendy Reid

2019-2020 Donors

Ballet Edmonton, Eizenman Corporation, Zab Maboungou/Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata, Fannie Bellefeuille, Kate Cornell, Christina De La Cruz, Jason Dubois & Clayton Baraniuk, Amelia Ehrhardt, Esmeralda Enrique, Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt, Anne Flynn, Christina Gianelia, Barry Hughson, Calla Lachance, Rachel Levitt, Shannon Litzenberger, Selma Odom, Michelle Olson, Taisa Petruk, Candice Pike, Peggy Reddin, Wendy Reid, Holly Small, Kathi Sundstrom, David Warburton

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