With our aim to steer the national dialogue on ecoresponsibility and sustainable development, you will find useful tools in the ongoing need to be informed as a network of dance communities united across Turtle Island.

  • The Creative Green Tools are a free set of unique carbon calculators developed by Julie’s Bicycle specifically for the creative industries. They’re used by over 5,000 organisations across 50 different countries to understand the environmental impacts of cultural buildings, offices, outdoor events, tours and productions.
  • Start Measuring And Reporting Your Carbon Emissions with Carbon Footprint.
  • Planetair lets you quantify greenhouse gas emissions, identify reduction opportunities and offset climate impact through carbon credits.
  • ACT – Artist Citizens on Tour promotes eco-friendly practices in show-business.
  • SCALE is a network of artists, cultural practitioners, and arts organisations committed to addressing the climate emergency and environmental injustice. We coordinate and facilitate the mobilization of art and culture across Turtle Island to create a just and regenerative world.
  • The Decolonial Toolkit for Climate Artists is a straightforward document that addresses the intersection of colonialism, climate change and the arts. More specifically, the Toolkit aims to help artists consider their own cultural conditioning, confront the inseparability of colonialism and climate change, and develop a decolonial foundation for both the climate art field, and the arts sector more broadly.
  • Climate Justice – United Nations Portal. «The impacts of climate change will not be borne equally or fairly, between rich and poor, women and men, and older and younger generations. Consequently, there has been a growing focus on climate justice, which looks at the climate crisis through a human rights lens and on the belief that by working together we can create a better future for present and future generations.»
  • In depth Q&A, What is Climate Justice by Carbon Brief
  • The global climate justice movement is actually a movement of many movements—a continuously growing and changing distributed transnational network of individuals and groups acting, each in their own way, to achieve their vision of a scientifically sound and socially just response to global warming and climate change.
  • Environmental Impacts of Digital Technology 5 year trends and 5g governance by The Shift Project, a French think tank advocating the shift to a post-carbon economy. As a non-profit organisation committed to serving the general interest through scientific objectivity, we are dedicated to informing and influencing the debate on energy transition in Europe.


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