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The CDA job board exists to help facilitate connection across the sector. Dance, arts administration and adjacent performing arts job opportunities are highly suggested. Rates for postings are:

Member – FREE!
Non-Member (arts organization) – $55+hst
Non-Member (recruitment agency/institution, etc.) – $90+hst

The posts will be circulated through a combination of the following (number are approximate and growing):

E-Newsletters – 2,000 subscribers
Instagram – 1300 followers
Facebook – 1800 followers
Twitter – 2600 followers

*Please note*: We will not post jobs that do not include specifics about remuneration. At the CDA, we believe that the practice of omitting the salary (or salary range) in job postings is an unfair practice that is unhelpful to both employers and potential employees. We are taking the lead, and require that all posts submitted to our Job Postings board contain an hourly wage, salary, or salary range.

Further, did you know that as of January 1, 2019, this will be law in Ontario?

Job postings


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