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L’Assemblée canadienne de la danse (ACD) a pour raison d’être de porter la voix du secteur professionnel de la danse au Canada. Elle milite pour un environnement sain et pérenne dans lequel la danse professionnelle canadienne peut s’épanouir. L’ACD cultive une voix nationale forte pour la danse professionnelle canadienne et encourage le développement de ressources destinées à ce champ d’expression artistique. À l’occasion de conférences, d’ateliers et d’événements rassembleurs, nous réunissons la communauté de la danse d’un océan à l’autre, de façon à bâtir un milieu solide et dynamique.

Aidez-vous à réaliser notre objectif et à bonifier l’impact de l’Assemblée canadienne de la danse.
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  • Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle 17-Sep-2020

    Thursday, September 17th, 2020 | 2:00 PM EDT This year's AGM will be conducted via Zoom. ..

    • Self-employed income and CERB Eligibility / Revenu de travailleur autonome et admissibilité à la PCU

      06-Jan-2021 Canadian Dance Assembly, alongside Arts and Culture Worker Associations, wrote to the government on December 11, 2020 to seek clarification on letters that some have received (the "Eligibility Letter").

      A meeting then took place between associations representing over 75,000 artists and cultural workers across Canada, the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Department of National Revenue begins to address CERB Eligibility confusion for the self-employed.

      The associations had requested clarity and a change of policy regarding CERB eligibility expressed in the Eligibility Letter. While the meeting did not result in a commitment from the government to change policy or a clarifying public statement, there were a number of clarifications that the government was able to provide during the meeting. Continue reading the full release HERE.

      We are asking artists to share their stories using this form below if they have been in receipt of this letter. Complete Form Here


      Le 11 décembre 2020, l’Assemblée canadienne de la danse et d’autres associations de travailleurs des arts et de la culture se sont adressées au gouvernement pour demander des précisions sur des lettres que certains ont reçues (lettre d’admissibilité).

      Une réunion a ensuite eu lieu entre ces associations, qui représentent plus de 75 000 artistes et travailleurs culturels de partout au pays, le ministère du Patrimoine canadien et l’Agence du revenu du Canada pour tenter de dissiper une certaine confusion au sujet de l’admissibilité à la PCU des travailleurs autonomes.

      Les associations avaient demandé des précisions et un changement de politique quant à l’admissibilité à la PCU évoquée dans la lettre d’admissibilité. Si la réunion n’a donné lieu à aucun engagement de la part du gouvernement pour changer la politique ni à aucune déclaration publique pour préciser ce qu’il en est au juste, le gouvernement a tout de même fourni quelques explications pendant cette réunion. Poursuivez votre lecture ICI (en anglais)

      Nous demandons aux artistes de nous communiquer le détail de leur situation s’ils ont reçu la lettre et, pour ce faire, de se servir du formulaire ci-après. Remplissez le formulaire ici
    • CDA Executive Director Search | À la recherche d'un directeur général / d'une directrice générale – l’ACD


      Reporting to the National Council, the Executive Director is charged with leading the Canadian Dance Assembly into the next phase of its journey, with its mission, vision, and community values as a guide. Equity is a central principle for the CDA. The scope of responsibility will include oversight of government, advocacy, right relations with Indigenous peoples, and community relations; membership services; fund development; strategic planning; and the overall internal operational, financial, and administrative responsibility for the organization.

      Continue reading HERE 


      Le ou la titulaire du poste relève du Conseil national et est responsable de la direction de l’Assemblée canadienne de la danse s’agissant de la phase suivante de son existence et, pour ce faire, se laisse guider par la mission, la vision et les valeurs du secteur. L’équité est un principe essentiel pour l’ACD. Au nombre des responsabilités du poste, citons les affaires gouvernementales, la représentation, de justes relations avec les peuples autochtones, les relations avec le secteur, les services aux membres, la diversification des revenus, la planification stratégique, et la responsabilité générale des opérations, des finances et de l’administration de l’organisme.

      Poursuivez votre lecture ICI

    • Remembering Patricia Beatty

      23-Nov-2020 PATRICIA BEATTY (1936-2020) - Staff and faculty of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre are sad to announce the passing on November 20, 2020 of Patricia Beatty, one of the founders of the School and company. Trish, as she liked to be called, was one of Canada’s most esteemed dance artists. She taught and inspired generations of dancers and young choreographers throughout her 40 year career. After graduating from Bennington College in 1959 she began more intensive study with Martha Graham and José Limón in New York City. During her six years in New York she performed extensively with Pearl Lang as well as Sophie Maslow, Mary Anthony, and Donald McKayle. Her most significant work was as a pioneer, founding the New Dance Group of Canada in 1966, one of the first modern dance companies in the Toronto area. In 1968 she joined forces with David Earle and Peter Randazzo to found Toronto Dance Theatre. During her 25 years as co-director and resident choreographer, she created 24 original works for the company. Her dancing and most of her works have been seen across Canada many times. Her presence on stage and her dances themselves were always highly regarded when the company toured internationally from 1972 to 1993. She was also well-known as an inspiring and effective teacher of both dance technique and composition.

      Trish was known for her special theatre presentations which she produced, curated, and created for. They included Painters and the Dance, a highly successful collaboration with three Toronto visual artists, presented at the St Lawrence Centre; two seasons of a production entitled Dancing the Goddess, an exploration of the sacred feminine in music and dance; and a downtown event entitled Esperanza, an evening of affirmation in dance following the 9/11 attacks in the United States. A film of Dancing the Goddess has been shown on Vision and Bravo television many times over the past ten years.

      Trish was the author of a book on the art of making dances, now considered a classic on the subject. It is entitled Form Without Formula, and is in its sixth printing.

      She was the recipient of many awards over the years, including the Victor Martyn-Lynch Staunton Award, The Toronto Arts Award, and The Dance Ontario Award, the last two of which she shared with David Earle and Peter Randazzo. In June of 2005, she was awarded the Order of Canada for her lifetime contribution to modern dance. In March 2019, Beatty, Earle, and Randazzo were inducted into Dance Collection Danse’s Encore! Dance Hall of Fame.

      Read more about Trish's life legacy at School of Toronto Dance Theatre


      The Canadian Dance Assembly joins our colleagues in expressing our heartfelt good wishes to the Dancemakers team and looks forward to celebrating it’s final season lead by Natasha Powell. Dancemakers has been a long time member of CDA as well as a neighbour in the Distillery District. We cherish fond memories of laughter and music filling the space as we walked by. We look forward to celebrating it’s legacy in the months ahead.

       Board Chair Louis-Michel Taillefer stated, “As with many arts organizations across the country, the global pandemic directly impacted Dancemakers’ capacity to deliver its 2020 artistic programming and its financial revenue sources. Combining these losses with the burden of our ever-increasing studio rental costs, we have regretfully come to the decision to shut our doors at the end of this current fiscal year.”

      Dancemakers’ studios are located in one of Artscape’s properties in the Distillery District. The impact of growing occupancy costs has now become unsustainable for the organization: We spent 36% of our 2019-20 operating revenue on occupancy costs, and have seen an annual increase as high as 9% in the last four years.

      Added Mr. Taillefer, “As Dancemakers’ studios are a central component of the arts infrastructure for Toronto’s performing arts community, we are fully aware and disappointed that, by shutting down, this will negatively impact affordable studio rental opportunities for the local dance and arts community. However, we know that Dancemakers’ 46-year legacy will be felt across our hugely resilient national dance community – the dance community will build upon this legacy and thrive well into the future.”

      Recognizing the important role Dancemakers has played in the Canadian dance ecology for 46 years, the Board felt it was crucial to engage an artistic leader who would provide inspiration and direction for its last year. Following a 2-month, in-depth community consultation, dance artist and choreographer Natasha Powell has been appointed as Artistic Producer to lead the company through its final season of Resident Artist and Guest Artist Programming.

      Said Natasha Powell, “I am honoured to be appointed as the Artistic Producer for Dancemakers' final season. We are in a challenging time of many unknowns, and dance organizations and artists are posed with questions about the near and distant future of our work. While Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation will be dearly missed, my hope is that we can take this last season to reflect, honour, and celebrate the legacy with which the company leaves for Canada’s dance community, while uplifting and supporting the current generation of dance artists as we all brave the future of live performance art.”

      As the founder of Toronto’s Holla Jazz, Natasha will bring a wealth of producing experience to Dancemakers as well as deep-rooted connections throughout the community. While guiding the 20-21 Resident Artists’ and connecting with Dancemakers’ Resident Artists, Natasha will also create new Guest Artist residency initiatives, and develop projects that honour Dancemakers’ history.

      Dancemakers’ wind down will take place over two stages. The first is the cancellation of the Baker Studio and Office leases, effective December 31, 2020. The second stage is the cancellation of the Theatre Studio lease, effective July 31, 2021. While open, both the Baker and Theatre Studios will house programming and other events; after the office closure, Dancemakers’ staff will work remotely.

      Dancemakers makes its home at its Centre for Creation in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District. The Centre is a robust creative space, housing a multi-year and fully resourced Resident Artist initiative, and a host of other presentations and workshops. The Centre is a vital and affordable part of Toronto’s cultural infrastructure, contributing to the space needs of the local arts community – over 4,000 audience members and artists come through it each year.

      Dancemakers’ 2020-21 Season is supported by BMO Financial Group, with core funding from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council, plus project and program support from RBC Emerging Artists Project and the Ontario Arts Foundation.


      For more information, contact:

      Louis-Michel Taillefer

      Chair, Board of Directors
    • Walter Carsen Prize for Excellence in the Performing Arts / Prix Walter-Carsen d’excellence en arts de la scène


      We would like to send a big congratulations to our former CDA National Council Co-President, Margaret Grenier at Dancers of Damelahamid for being awarded the prestigious Walter Carsen Prize for Excellence in the Performing Arts announced by the Canada Council of the Arts!

      As Executive and Artistic Director of the Dancers of Damelahamid and Producer of the Coastal Dance Festival, Margaret’s multimedia choreographic works bridge Gitxsan and Cree dance forms with current expressions and have contributed to a redefining of contemporary Indigenous dance. Join us in congratulating her! For more information, click here

      Conseil des arts du Canada ravis d’annoncer que Margaret Grenier est la gagnante du prix Walter-Carsen d’excellence en arts de la scène!

      En tant que directrice générale et artistique de Dancers of Damelahamid et productrice du Coastal Dance Festival, les œuvres chorégraphiques multimédias de Margaret allient des formes de danse gitxsanes et cries avec des expressions actuelles, contribuant ainsi à redéfinir la danse contemporaine autochtone. Joignez-vous à nous pour la féliciter! Lire la suite.

      Photo by: Chris Randle

    • Announcing: The National Arts and Culture Impact Survey (NACIS) / Lancement de l’Enquête nationale sur les répercussions dans le secteur culturel (ENRSC)


      The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) has joined forces with 30 national and provincial arts service organizations across a range of artistic disciplines to develop the National Arts and Culture Impact Survey (NACIS). All arts organizations, artists, and arts workers across Canada are encouraged to participate in the survey by Monday, November 23, 2020. The more responses we receive, the better the data will be.

      The NACIS was designed to capture a snapshot in time. Contributions to this survey will help paint a clearer picture of the current state of the arts and culture sector in Canada and shape arts advocacy efforts across our sector in the months to come. Questions revolve around the impact COVID-19 has had and will have on your work, finances, and plans. You will not be asked for any identifying information other than the first three digits of your postal code and the arts service organization(s) with which you or your organization are affiliated.

      To submit your response, click here:
      Click HERE to learn more. 


      L’Assemblée canadienne de la danse (ACD) s’est associé(e) à une trentaine d’organismes nationaux et provinciaux de services aux arts représentant diverses disciplines artistiques afin de commander l’Enquête nationale sur les répercussions dans le secteur culturel (ENRSC). Tous les organismes culturels, les artistes et les travailleurs culturels du Canada sont encouragés à participer à l’enquête d'ici le lundi 23 novembre 2020. Plus nous recevrons de réponses, meilleures seront les données.

      L'enquête a pour but de dresser un portrait de la situation actuelle. Votre participation à cette enquête nous aidera à mieux saisir le contexte actuel du secteur des arts et de la culture et à orienter les activités de représentation du secteur à l’échelle du pays dans les mois à venir. Les questions tournent autour de l'impact que la COVID-19 a eu et aura sur votre travail, vos finances et vos projets. Il ne vous sera demandé aucune information identifiante autre que les trois premiers chiffres de votre code postal et le ou les organismes de services aux arts auxquels vous ou votre organisation êtes affiliés.

      Voici le lien pour participer à l’enquête :
      Cliquez ICI pour obtenir des renseignements supplémentaires. 

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