L'ACD dans l’actualité

À l’occasion, l’Assemblée canadienne de la danse n’hésite pas à se faire entendre sur les ondes de vos médias locaux! Surveillez ses interventions au fil de l’actualité. En voici quelques exemples ci-dessous que vous pouvez télécharger.

  • Not your Average Dance Conference


    It was no coincidence that the Canadian Dance Assembly’s (CDA) conference happened at the National Ballet School in Toronto during Culture Days. The dance community’s contribution to Canadian culture was very much one of the topics of discussion. The conference began with the much-anticipated introduction of the CDA’s new executive director, Nathalie Fave. A visual artist, writer and social advocate, Fave was eager to learn from the distinguished audience, which included representatives from the major dance service organizations, companies and funders. She presented an ambitious proposed plan, including a national review of policies and procedures, to make the CDA a positive force in the dance field. Her bilingual speech focussed on improving the social safety net for dancers.

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  • Canadian Dance Assembly calls B.C. arts cuts "scorched earth policy"


    The following is an open letter, dated August 26, addressed to Premier Gordon Campbell:

    Dear Premier Campbell,

    I am writing you on behalf of the Canadian Dance Assembly in response to the recent and devastating decisions made in British Columbia in the field of arts and culture, affecting our daily mission as a national dance organization advocating for a healthy dance milieu.

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  • CDA featured on CBC’s program ‘The House’

  • Funding backlog leaves arts tours up in the air


    A back log of funding applications on the desk of Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore has left dance groups across the country looking at canceling programming and scrambling to make provisional plans.

    A number of members of CanDance Network, an association of 31 specialized dance presenters, still have no answers to applications they submitted last April for funding for 2009-210 projects.

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  • Arts cuts jeopardize jobs at home


    Cuts the Conservative goverment made to programs that helped Canadian artists export their work now threatens Canadian jobs and puts the nation's international cultural influence in peril, serveral artists to MP's Monday.

    Last summer the Conservatives cancelled two programs, PromArt and Trade Routes, which contributed about $12 million per year to help Canadian performers reach international audiences.

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