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CDA cultivates a strong national voice for Canadian professional dance and supports the development of resources for this field of artistic expression. Through conferences, workshops, and networking events we connect the dance actors from coast to coast, working towards building a cohesive and dynamic community.

We connect dance communities, share knowledge, and monitor government policies to keep you regularly informed in your work.

“Today, CDA is the voice that speaks for all dance across Canada, dance in its multiple facets and diversity.”

~ Lata Pada, Artistic Director Sampradaya Dance Creations

“In a country that is comprised of geographically-disparate and genre-diverse dance communities, it is essential to have a single meeting place for them all. The CDA is currently providing this opportunity and I was thrilled to join the board in order to help facilitate communication around dance in Canada, particularly amongst the different service and support organisations.”

~ Candice Pike, Vice President, Dance NL
Five dancers are close together and softly press their neck and chest forward with closed eyes. They wear tank tops and skirts in varying shades of orange, red and burgundy.
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The Canadian Dance Assembly exists to facilitate the dynamic exchange of information relevant to Canadian professional dance of all forms and aesthetics. It strives to cultivate a strong national voice for Canadian professional dance and to support the development of resources for this field of artistic expression. It is the members of the Canadian Dance Assembly, through their activities, experience and participation, who provide the dynamism and synergy that make the organization vital in the Canadian arts milieu.


The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) is the voice of the professional dance sector in Canada which advocates for a healthy, sustainable environment in which professional dance practice can grow and thrive. CDA is a reputable source of information on the current state of dance in Canada and provides representation to policy makers and the public. CDA enables its national membership of dance professionals and organizations to connect with their peers through regular communications, conferences, forums and workshops, and facilitates opportunities for networking, dialogue and exchange relevant to the Canadian dance sector.

A row of dancers align with crossed wrists above their heads. They tilt to the side in unison. They are wearing white lace and ornate leotards, white head pieces and silver masks.
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Value Statement

Above all, the Canadian Dance Assembly cherishes Canadian dance in all its multiplicity. The Canadian Dance Assembly, in its statements and in its actions, values pluralism. As a result, we strive to be an open and accessible organization to all genders, races, bodies, and sexualities; everyone can dance.

The Canadian Dance Assembly is a member-driven organization that, through the design and delivery of its activities, programs and services, upholds the core principles of being a collaborative, inclusive, consultative, non-partisan, proactive, diplomatic, and transparent organization that represents dance professionals in all regions of Canada. The organization ultimately exists to serve the needs of its members and functions as a bottom-up organization responding to their needs.


Please see below the Bylaws that govern the Canadian Dance Assembly. These Bylaws were last updated and approved by the membership on November 19, 2013 and are in compliance with the new Canada Not for Profit Corporations Act.
CDA Bylaws

Canadian Dance Assembly's Social Responsibility

CDA is wholeheartedly committed to the safety and wellbeing of its staff. Please read the following policies that govern our working environment.

CDA Policies

CDA's Strategic Plan

  • CDA 2022-2025 Strategic Plan: This plan describes the aspirations and energies that we feel will guide and strengthen our organization and better enable us to serve our membership over the course of 2022-2025.


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