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The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) is the voice of the professional dance sector in Canada and promotes a healthy, sustainable environment in which professional dance practice can grow and thrive.  CDA cultivates a strong national voice for Canadian professional dance and supports the development of resources for this field of artistic expression. Through conferences, workshops, and networking events we connect the dance community from coast to coast, building a cohesive and dynamic milieu.

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  • Zero Gravity International Performing Arts Festival 2019 10-May-2019

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  • FTA 2019 22-May-2019

    Ready for some exhilarating dance? FTA 2019 has some amazing contemporary dance and theat..

  • Vancouver International Vertical Dance Summit 2019 10-Jun-2019

    Alongside artist workshops is a concurrent public symposium of free performance demos, engaging ..

    • Getting Involved at the Federal Level


      Donald Trump.

      Did that get your attention? Keep reading.

      How about Rob Ford? Stephen Harper? Doug Ford?

      In a time of polarizing political rhetoric, it is vital for artists and arts organizations to be engaged. But as an arts advocate, I struggle to get the dance community’s attention.

      Of course, it’s ironic that I don’t struggle to get politicians’ attention. Since October 2015, I have developed relationships with numerous MPs and ministers in Ottawa. In Toronto and the GTA alone, I have met with fourteen different MPs to discuss the importance of arts funding to Canadian society. And those are just the federal elected officials. I have advocated to provincial and municipal leaders as well. All of this advocacy culminates at Arts Day on the Hill, the biggest lobby day in Ottawa. I don’t mean the biggest lobby day for the arts; I mean the biggest lobby day that Ottawa sees all year. Read more.

    • Advocacy Alert: Federal Budget 2019 / Appel à l'action : Le budget fédéral 2019


      Budget 2019 Will Deliver More Arts Events in Canadian Communities

      March 19, 2019 – The Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC) is pleased to see the government commit to a $16 million increase of the Canadian Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) over two years in the 2019 Federal Budget as well as an impressive amount of other increases for the sector. The CAC advocated for this targeted investment in the creative value chain at Arts Day on the Hill 2018.

      Kate Cornell, Co-Chair of the Coalition and Executive Director of the Canadian Dance Assembly stated, “This strategic investment in Canadian festivals and presenters is pivotal to ensure that diverse and innovative works created by Canadian artists can reach Canadian audiences.” Read More.


      Le budget fédéral 2019 donne un élan à la tournée et à la diffusion des arts

      19 mars 2019 – La Coalition Canadienne des arts salue le financement consenti par le gouvernement du Canada au secteur de la tournée et de la diffusion des arts dans le budget déposé aujourd’hui. Le budget fédéral accorde notamment un financement de 16 millions de dollars sur deux ans au Fonds du Canada pour la présentation des arts.

      « Cet investissement augmentera les moyens dont disposent les festivals d’art et les diffuseurs de spectacles pour mieux répondre aux ambitions de nos créateurs. Il permettra aux Canadiens de vivre des expériences artistiques de calibre mondial chez eux, dans leur collectivité, aux quatre coins du pays », se réjouit Frédéric Julien, coprésident de la Coalition canadienne des arts. Lire la suite

    • Budget 2019 Changes Canada’s Art Laws, and More


      Arts and culture organizations say they’re happy to see a restoration of incentives for cultural-property donations, and a boost to some arts-festival funding. 

      National Importance.

      It’s a phrase containing just two words.

      But since a federal court ruling in June 2018, the presence of these two words in certain parts of the federal Cultural Property Export and Import Act have halted millions of dollars in artwork donations to museums and art galleries across Canada.

      Yesterday, Budget 2019 offered a simple, if unexpected, solution to the impasse: a change to the act, and related taxation law, that means the “national importance” criteria no longer apply when it comes to obtaining specialized tax credits for artwork donations.

      “Budget 2019 proposes to amend the Income Tax Act and the Cultural Property Export and Import Act to remove the requirement that property be of ‘national importance’ in order to qualify for the enhanced tax incentives for donations of cultural property,” says the budget document.

      The new measure is considered effective as of Budget Day: March 19, 2019.


      Kate Cornell, co-chair of the Canadian Arts Coalition, says she was pleased to see a boost of $16 million to the Canadian Arts Presentation Fund in Budget 2019.

      “It’s been a decade since this fund has had any investment,” says Cornell over the phone. “And the fund is incredibly oversubscribed,” so that $16 million is needed.

      Cornell notes that the Canada Council for the Arts is working toward a doubling of its budget, and many more performance and dance works are now being created as a result. But without a similar growth of performance venues, there is a “bottleneck,” she says, between creation and presentation. Read More. 

      Justin Trudeau met with musician Elton John and partner David Furnish in September 2018 to discuss the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Performing arts festivals and the Canada Music Fund are among those sectors finding a boost in Budget 2019. Photo: Facebook.

    • Canada's RWB Appoints New School Director / Nomination d'un nouveau directeur d'école au RWB du Canada


      WINNIPEG- February 28, 2019. Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB) has appointed Stéphane Léonard as the new School Director effective immediately. As Director, Léonard will oversee the Professional and Recreational Divisions of the world-renowned RWB School and lead the artistic faculty in the education and training of the next generation of dancers and dance teachers.

      The RWB conducted an international search for its new School Director, attracting candidates from across the globe. Léonard’s impressive qualifications and experience, together with his deep roots in the Winnipeg community, made him the clear choice to lead the RWB School and set its course for the future.

      “I am honoured to have been given this extraordinary opportunity,” said Léonard. “ When André Lewis hired me to dance in the RWB Company back in 1998, I thought I’d spend one, maybe two seasons here. It’s 20 years later and I’m still here. I chose to stay each year because the RWB has become my home. I was humbled as an artist in this Company and developed as a teacher in this School. I look forward to building on the great work of my predecessors David Moroni and Arlene Minkhorst and am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this incredible organization.” Read More


      WINNIPEG – Le 28 février 2019. Le Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB) du Canada a nommé Stéphane Léonard au poste de directeur de son école, nomination qui entre en vigueur à compter d’aujourd’hui. À ce titre, M. Léonard supervisera les divisions récréative et professionnelle de l’école du RWB de renommée internationale et dirigera le corps professoral artistique en ce qui a trait à l’éducation et à la formation des danseurs et professeurs de danse de la relève.

      Le RWB a mené une recherche d’envergure internationale attirant des candidats de partout dans le monde pour trouver son nouveau directeur d’école. Les compétences et l'expérience impressionnantes de M. Léonard, combinées à ses racines profondes dans la communauté de Winnipeg, ont fait de lui le choix évident pour diriger l’école du RWB et en tracer la voie de l’avenir.

      « Je suis honoré de cette occasion extraordinaire qui m’est offerte, a déclaré M. Léonard. Quand André Lewis m'a embauché pour danser avec la compagnie du RWB en 1998, j'ai pensé passer une ou deux saisons ici. Nous voici 20 ans plus tard et je suis toujours là. Chaque année, j'ai choisi de rester, car le RWB est devenu mon chez‑moi. J'ai évolué humblement en tant qu'artiste dans cette compagnie, puis en tant qu'enseignant dans cette école. Je suis impatient de poursuivre l'excellent travail de mes prédécesseurs David Moroni et Arlene Minkhorst, et je suis reconnaissant de cette occasion d’apporter ma contribution à cet organisme incroyable. » Lire la suite

      Stéphane Léonard; Photo : Kristen Sawatzky

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