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The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) is the voice of the professional dance sector in Canada and promotes a healthy, sustainable environment in which professional dance practice can grow and thrive.  CDA cultivates a strong national voice for Canadian professional dance and supports the development of resources for this field of artistic expression. Through conferences, workshops, and networking events we connect the dance community from coast to coast, building a cohesive and dynamic milieu.

Vivine Scarlett, Founder/Curator of Toronto's dance Immersion, delivers this year's inspirational message to all Canadians, click HERE
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  • International Dance Day 2018 29-Apr-2018

    Since 2005, the Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) has issued a message on behalf of the dance commun..

  • Atlantic Immigration Summit 2018 23-May-2018

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  • Montreal Festival TransAmériques (FTA) 2018 23-May-2018

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  • 2018 Guelph Dance Festival 01-Jun-2018

    Join Guelph Dance Festival ( for their 20th Anniversary! Th..

    • Call for Proposals: 10th Anniversary HDC Annual Conference 2018


      Healthy Dancer Canada invites presenters to submit proposals to their 10th Anniversary Conference 2018, Create, Communicate, Collaborate to be held on September 28th - 30th at the Harbourfront Centre. Consider taking part in fostering and facilitating communication and collaboration among the dance community, health professionals and researchers. 

      Download the Call for Proposal guidelines for more information. 


    • Cultural Hubs or Community Hubs? // Centres culturels ou centres communautaires?


      by Frédéric Julien

      March 29, 2018
      - Today, the Canadian Arts Coalition was appearing before the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage as the part of the Study on Cultural Hubs and Cultural Districts in Canada.

      The Co-Chairs of the Coalition, Kate Cornell and Frédéric julien, presented a testimony inspired by the 2016 infrastructure brief. The testimony highlighted the need for affordable housing for artists in cultural districts, the need for greater coordination between the federal government and the provinces on cultural infrastructure, and the need for specific funding for the maintenance of cultural spaces, both old and new. The testimony also paid particular considerations to infrastructure needs in underserved communities: rural and remote communities, Francophone minorities, and Indigenous communities.

      For more information, read more HERE

      Read the Testimony on Cultural Hubs and Cultural Districts

      Listen to the meeting (at 9:57:15)

      by Frédéric Julien

      29 mars 2018 - Aujourd’hui, la Coalition canadienne des arts comparaissait devant le Comité permanent du Patrimoine canadien dans le cadre de l’étude sur les Centres culturels et districts culturels au Canada.

      Les coprésidents de la Coalition, Kate Cornell et Frédéric Julien, ont présenté un témoignage inspiré du mémoire de 2016 sur les infrastructures. Ce témoignage mettait en exergue les besoins en logement social pour les artistes dans les districts culturels, la nécessité d’une meilleure coordination entre les paliers de gouvernements qui investissent dans l’infrastructure culturelle, ainsi que le besoin d’un financement dédié à l’entretien des espaces culturels, les neufs comme les vieux. Le témoignage accordait aussi une attention particulière aux besoins en infrastructures dans les communautés rurales et éloignées, dans les communautés de langue officielle en milieu minoritaire, ainsi que dans les communautés autochtones.

      Lire le témoignage

      Écouter la comparution (à 9:57:15)

    • Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault: Between traces and writing


      Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault is delighted to invite you to their upcoming focus days, organized in collaboration with the Dance Department at UQAM and Hexagram UQAM.

      Conference Dates: May 15 -19, 2018

      Tuesday, May 15
      Traces and writing in dance
      What do we mean by traces, writing, notations, diagrams and scores? How can we define orality, writing and memory in dance? What are their essence and scope? How can we preserve a work over time?
      With Simon Hecquet (France), Armando Menicacci
      Facilitator: Anne Bénichou

      Wednesday, May 16
      Digital technologies: documentation and creation
      Can digital technologies help us bring the past to life so we can better understand the present? Do technologies create new forms of symbolization? How do we bring digital realities and dance together? How does the digital landscape challenge our notions of authorship? How can we resist the temptation to accumulate and store massive amounts of data? What can we say about our fascination with technology?
      With Armando Menicacci, Alexandre Michaan (France), Denis Poulin, Thecla Schiphorst (Vancouver)

      Thursday, May 17
      Practical workshop: Memory and transmission: The Afternoon of a Faun, following Nijinsky’s notations
      In this workshop, you’ll discover and decode Nijinsky’s notes in order to learn excerpts of the work.With Claudia Jeschke (Germany)

      For additional programming information, visit their website HERE

    • CAPACOA 2018 Attendance Trends: Where Are Performing Arts Audiences?


      March 12, 2018 – As the demographics of the Canadian population change, so are their habits for accessing live performances and other forms of entertainment. In this last article of the "Attendance Trends" series, we will look at preferred locations for live performance attendance.

      The breadth of performing arts attendance among the population is worth celebrating. However, other attendance trends are a source of concerns.
      Crowd cheering Michael Kaeshammer According to the Arts and Heritage Access and Availability Survey, attendance of performances and arts events is as strong as ever. In 2016-2017, 87% Canadians attended at least one performance or arts event (including craft shows and visual arts exhibits). Overall attendance is also high (80%+) across all regions and most segments of the Canadian population. These are the highest attendance ratios ever registered by the Access and Availability Survey (previous iterations of this survey were conducted in 2012, 2007 and 2001).

      However, depending on the types of venues they use, some multi-displinary presenters may not have witnessed much growth in their ticket sales. To the contrary

      Read more HERE for more information. 

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