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International Mobility Program - Letter of Reciprocity

*can be requested by current CDA organizational members only
In order to be eligible for the International Mobility Program, the CDA organizational members/employer must receive operating funding from the Canada Council for the Arts. If you are applying under the International Mobility Program for a Performing Arts Exemption, and are in need of a Letter of Reciprocity, please contact info@cda-acd.ca or the office at 416-515-8444. Upon the receipt of a request, the CDA will provide the letter within two weeks. Please allow for a two week turnaround.

Further details on the exemption can be found here.

Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada - LMIA permits

The CDA does not assist with LMIA applications directly however, CDA can help support in connecting potential applicants with other dance artists or dance organizations who have successfully been through the LMIA process.

A reminder that LMIA applications should come from the artist’s employer (the dance organization or dance school), not the artist themselves. The LMIA process typically takes 4 months to complete. Please contact aviva@dancecanada.net if you wish to connect with another arts organization around the LMIA process.

O-1 Visa Permits

*can be requested by current CDA individual members only
“The O-1 non-immigrant visa is for the individual who possesses extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics, or who has a demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry and has been recognized nationally or internationally for those achievements.” Continue reading HERE.

CDA can assist Canadian dancers wishing to work in the United States with a support letter attesting to the artist’s status as a professional dancer. Artists must submit their resume, bio and demo reel (if available) to the CDA for consideration. Upon the receipt of a request, the CDA will provide the letter within two weeks. Please allow for a two week turnaround.

The CDA typically works with an entertainment lawyer based in the US, and recommends going through their offices. Please contact aviva@dancecanada.net for more information.

Additional Resources

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