International Dance Day - April 29th, 2022

Initiated in 1982 by the International Dance Committee of the UNESCO International Theatre Institute, International Dance Day falls on April 29 of every year, commemorating the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre, a distinguished choreographer that brought about significant reforms in ballet production. Every year, an international message authored by a well-known dance personality is circulated around the world as part of International Dance Day celebrations.

International Dance Day Actions & Celebrations


In celebration of International Dance Day, CDA has welcomed Monday to curate 6 artists to participate in our annual #PassTheDance celebration. View and participate in this national dance chain all day today (April 29th) on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Post a video of you dancing and tag 5 friends you want to #PassTheDance to! Include tagging @cdaacd and we’ll repost your moves. Share your love of dance aloud!

We invite all movers of all kinds to participate and share in the love of dance and movement expression. We pass the dance to YOU!

Watch the #PassTheDance chain here

#PassTheDance Curator's Notes

Weykt! Hello!

My name is Monday, I am Ewe/Secwépemc from Esk’etemc First Nation, and it was such a pleasure to curate #passthedance2022, honouring Indigneous dancers across so-called “Canada” for this year’s campaign. After participating in last year’s campaign, it was so nice to witness the care and effort in centering diversity and representation.

We are so lucky to be surrounded by such incredible talent, and Indigenous dancers are shining brightly in many different styles of dance. This year’s participants are:

@mandastroyer and the stroyer mini’s

And myself @mondayshethey

I’d love to dedicate this year’s line up to our survivors, our elders, our youth, and to anyone that needs some joy and/or extra prayers right now.

Dance is…

an outlet

an expression

a form of ceremony

a means of healing


and fun as heck.


In dance…

you can find community

you can find freedom

you can find a career

and you can find yourself!


Thank you for giving us a platform to share this medicine with you CDA! 



ITI Unesco Message

KANG Sue-jin, South Korea

Dancer, Artistic Director of the Korean National Ballet

The Covid-19 catastrophe has stopped life as we so freely knew it and being amidst this tragedy makes us rethink the meaning of “dance” and “dancers” In the distant past, dance was a primal means of expression and communication through gestures; becoming performance art that moved the soul and inspired the audience. It is a momentary art that is difficult to restore to its original form once completed because it’s created with the entire body and soul. Dance is made of ephemeral moments, which destines dancers to be on the move forever. Yet, Covid-19 has restricted and even blocked the art of dance in its original form.

Even though the situation is improving, dance performances are still subject to many restrictions. This makes us cherish the precious memories of times when dance and dancers sparkled like jewels, conveying human anguish and anxiety, will and hope for life, and illuminated the world.

Similarly, it is important to recall that during the aftershocks of the Black Death in Medieval Europe, the ballet Giselle depicting love beyond death was performed at the Paris Opera on 28 June 1841 and received an explosive response. Since then, Giselle has been performed all over Europe and around the world to comfort and encourage the souls of mankind ravaged by the pandemic. It is also my understanding of that point, which was first demonstrated in that very performance of Giselle, is the magnificent spirit of a ballerina trying to escape the gravity of the world’s hardships.

The lonely and weary audience is thirsty for the sympathy and comfort of the dancers. As dancers, we believe that the flapping of our wings gives hope to the hearts of those who love the art of dance and gives them the courage to overcome this pandemic.

My heart is already starting to pound.

Messages from Across Canada

Regional Ambassadors share their unique perspectives in the provincial messages. Here are excerpts and links to their inspirational thoughts!

Nova Scotia

Makaio Edwards

Dance has been a great experience for me. It has helped me to focus and relax my mind. It helps me with my creativity and is a lot of fun too! Dance has helped me improve my concentration to be able to get assignments and homework done quicker so my mind can be at ease. Dancing has been a great help for my Autism brain because it helps me calm down. It’s MUCH better and easier than having to remember stuff for a quiz or test because it’s more fun. A big part of why I like dance and my dance family, is because I get to be my Makaio self and do the things that I want to do. So that way, I can be a dancer, a taekwondoist, a gamer, and a Makaio! 

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You’re invited to gather in person and on Facebook Live to discover the 2022 IDD Quebec artist and message! 

l’Atrium des Grands Ballets

Édifice Wilder Espace Danse

1435 De Bleury street

1st floor

At 5pm ET

Watch now


Renata Soutter

Dance reflects what it is to be human. Beautiful messy humans. Dance is a reflection of our world. Dance is how we are together.  We shift perceptions, we open hearts, we allow ourselves to be, true to our identity. We dance because we have something to say. Say it loud, be proud. We take up space as no one else can – moving, shifting, transferring our weight into action.

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British Columbia

Ralph Escamillan

The reason I feel it is important to share these very personal experiences is that I truly believe dance, like many things in life, is transformed by moments of action like these above. That by a click of an email, a step on the runway, or a class – your whole world is turned upside down, for the better.

Dance transforms, dance is language, dance is healing, and DANCE IS IN YOU.

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Other Celebrations

Check in with your regional organizations for more activities and celebrations!

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Manitoba – Dance Manitoba
Saskatchewan – Dance Saskatchewan

Alberta – Alberta Dance Alliance


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