Canadian National Dance Week 2012

The Canadian Dance Assembly is presenting this year's National Dance Week in Canada. With events from coast to coast that promote dance in all fashions from hip hop to ballet.

The week begins April 22nd to the 29th with events being added to the already fascinating lineup that is being presented in different areas in Canada. If your a part of a dance group or troop you should add your event to there listings and get on board with the National Dance Week.

Day 1: Sun April 22nd – Dance is vital our communities
Day 2: Mon April 23rd – Dance is fitness and a tool for healthy communities
Day 3: Tues April 24th – Dance expresses diverse communities – social cohesion
Day 4: Wed April 25th – Dance is a source of well being for seniors
Day 5: Thurs April 26th – Dance empowers Canadian youth
Day 6: Fri April 27th – Dance creates a creative economy
Day 7: Sat April 28th – Canadian dance’s international impact
Day 8: Sun April 29th – International Dance Day!

Submit your National Dance Week activities HERE
All the updated schedule’s for this week can be found HERE
The Official Press Release for National Dance Week and I love dance Campaign PDF

The Canadian Dance Assembly also announced its I love dance/Jaime la danse National Campaign (2011-2017) which you can find more info by visiting or reading the press release above. CDA’s “I love dance/J’aime la danse” 6 year campaign is designed to strengthen the visibility of dance organizations and individuals in every community in Canada.

Source: Arts Avenue

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