Empower Hour with the Canada Council for the Arts

We’ll be offering an opportunity to connect with the Canada Council for the Arts this spring! We’re co-hosting with RQD two meetings for organizations and individuals to share updates and programming changes that affect the dance sector.


Save the dates 

April 21 3pm-5pm EST – individuals

May5th 1 pm-3pm  EST – organizations


Topics include:

  1. Provide context for the new Canada Council operations.
  2. Explain the 50/50 split of funds for operating and project support.
  3. Note the end of increases to the Canada Council budget.
  4. Explain how dance projects are managed and address the concern that dance is no longer included in Canada Council programs or represented by specific dance officers (direct contacts)
  5. Understand why there is no feedback after decisions are made and explain the types of support available.
  6. Take stock of the support that is available or being considered for emerging companies that are not supported operationally but have significant operating costs.
  7. Identify the types of projects and costs that are eligible under the Re-opening Fund.
  8. Identify the capacity to measure and share the impact of the Canada Council’s strategic directions in terms of equity, diversity, inclusion and reconciliation. 


Registration will be opening soon so keep an eye out for dates and info to come!


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