Pluralism Committee

In 2012, the Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) worked with Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) to address issues related to pluralism in dance across Canada.From this initiative, a Pluralism Committee was formed. The Pluralism Committee provides support and accessibility to issues surrounding Pluralism, engages with the membership, organizations and artists of the Canadian Dance Assembly in adopting a Pluralism framework, offers advice to the Board, and other Committees of the Canadian Dance Assembly. Please read our Terms of Reference document here.

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The following documentation and thoughts are brought to you on behalf of CDA’s Pluralism Committee:

The Big “P” in the field of the Arts
What is Pluralism? 
Smudging Document
Resource Document

Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) regularly releases reports and resources which can be found HERE.

June 2016: The National Roundtable on Pluralism in dance which took place June 2016 in Ottawa brought together advocates from many distinct dance practices to discuss ways to make Canadian dance more equitable and collaborative. The event began with a momentous welcome from Elder Annie Smith St. George of the Algonquin nation. Many poignant observations and reflections are included in the Full Report


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