UCalgary first in Canada to offer a teaching certificate in safe dance principles alongside degree

Safe in Dance International is an organization that promotes and endorses safe and effective dance practice worldwide by providing a range of Healthy Dance Certificates.

After learning that university dance programs could apply to become registered providers of the Healthy Dance Practice Certificate (HDPC), Dr. Sarah Kenny, PhD, assistant professor in the faculties of Kinesiology and Arts, worked with the Dance division to bring the certificate to the University of Calgary.

“I wanted to give our students the possibility to pursue a teaching certificate, alongside their degree, that is specifically designed to integrate safe dance practice principles both in their own dance practice, and in their teaching practice as well,” explains Kenny, whose research focuses on injury prevention among dancers.

Opportunity unique in Canada
The Dance division was able to embed the HDPC curriculum in related university courses. In 2018, the first dance students registered for the certificate, which has to be completed in two years. Kaili Che, BFA’19, is the first UCalgary student to complete the certificate.

The certificate program offers a unique opportunity that no other undergraduate dance program in Canada offers. Along with the combined undergraduate degree program, the Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Arts (Dance), the UCalgary dance program is also growing in reputation for its strong dance science focus, of which this certificate is a part.

“I found many benefits in taking the certification simultaneously with my degree,” says Che. “I received feedback from current practitioners and researchers within the dance science field and had access to resources offered to students.”

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Photo by Tim Nguyen Co. of Dance major Kaili Che performing in a choreography by Heather Ware for Dance@Night, 2019.
Source: UCalgary

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