Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the arts

Situation of artists and arts organizations
In this issue: Insights into the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the arts and culture, based on four Canadian and American surveys.

Impacts of COVID-19 on Canadian Artists and Independent Cultural Workers
Interim Report based on I Lost My Gig Canada Survey Data as of May 27
I Lost My Gig Canada, June 2020

The results of this survey show that a total of 28,500 gigs are expected to be lost or are at risk (average of 36 per respondent for the 796 people responding to questions about lost gigs through the end of 2020). The total income estimated to be lost or at risk through the end of the year is just over $20 million (average of $25,200 per respondent). Expected losses represent 83% of respondents’ average arts-related income in 2019 ($30,500).


Early COVID-19 Impacts on OAC-Funded Arts Organizations
Survey Findings
Ontario Arts Council, April 2020

In early April, the Ontario Arts Council conducted an online survey of organizations that had received either a project or an operating grant over the previous two years, with the objective of gathering “some high-level indicators of the early impacts of COVID-19 on OAC-funded arts organizations”. Based on 441 survey responses, this report concludes that the COVID-19 pandemic “will have devastating and multi-layered impacts” on responding organizations over both the short and long terms.

Impacts on Montreal’s cultural sector: Coronavirus (COVID-19) questionnaire
(Évaluation des impacts sur le milieu culturel montréalais : Coronavirus (COVID-19) questionnaire)
Culture Montréal, March and April 2020

Two fact sheets summarize the early results of separate surveys on the impacts of COVID-19 on Montreal artists and cultural organizations.

The Economic Impact of Coronavirus on the Arts and Culture Sector
Americans for the Arts, May 2020

This regularly updated dashboard summarizes findings from American surveys related to the financial impacts of the novel coronavirus on the arts and culture sector.

Source: Hill Strategies

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