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Welcome! The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA)’s members include over 100 organizations and 500 individuals, including everyone who contributes to making and sharing dance: artists, students, performers, choreographers, producers, managers, teachers, companies, collectives, service organizations, presenters, educational and training organizations , supporters, enthusiasts…and more.

Membership helps you stay informed, connected, and active in a large dance network across Canada to have your needs represented on a national level. Membership also offers direct member benefits and communications, to support your own practice and areas of interest through discounts, advocacy support, and sharing and learning. We connect dance communities, share knowledge, and monitor government policies to keep you regularly informed in your work.

Join CDA And Make a Difference for Dance

The Canadian Dance Assembly is the only national dance advocacy organization. We envision a positive future for dance and advocate for a healthy, sustainable environment for dance practice to grow and thrive.

Joining CDA strengthens our dance ecology, and contributes your voice to our network. Every member adds momentum to our efforts. We unite, collaborate, and celebrate together to make a difference for dance. Participate in building a positive future for dance today by activating your membership!

CDA’s annual membership runs July 1st to June 30th, and we accept new members all through the year

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Four dancers stand in a row. They wear blue and purple costuming, the two of the left their costumes are hooded. They hold a bunch of bright yellow spheres in their hands together and stare at them with awe.
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We are an informed source about the current state of dance in Canada and keep our members appraised about the issues that impact our sector. We provide representation to policy-makers and promote a healthy and sustainable dance milieu. Through regular e-bulletins, Advocacy Alerts and news items, we help keep you in the know!

Five dancers are seen from their waist up. They wear orange and mauve tank tops. They vulnerably press their chest and neck forward with eyes closed.
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The Canadian Dance Assembly facilitates networking opportunities so that you remain closely connected with your colleagues. Through our national conferences and regional meetings we provide opportunity to connect the dance community from coast to coast. With the goal of building a cohesive and dynamic community, CDA facilitates networking, dialogue and exchange on topics relevant to all Canadian professional dance in its diversity.

Vladimir is captured in the height of a jété. He wears white tights, shoes and a ornate long sleeve shirt. He smiles broadly as he looks under his raised arms.
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Add your voice to the growing network of dance professionals and organizations from across the country. Participate in regional activities such as Arts Day on the Hill, International Dance Day & Culture Days. As we unite, collaborate, and celebrate together, we can make a difference for dance.


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Become a MEMBER today!

CDA’s agenda is driven by its members, participate in building a positive future for dance today by activating your membership. Please note that CDA’s annual membership renewal period runs from July 1st each year.

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Membership Photos Credits (left to right) 1. Cinematography​/Photographe​ : Dakota Wotton​ | ​D​ancers/Intreprétes : ​Pulga Muchochoma and Morgan-Paige Melbourne​ |​ ​Choreographer/Chorégraphe : ​Alyssa Martin​ | ​Choreography/Chorégraphie : Bin Chicken 2. Photographer​/Photographe​ : ​Chris Son | ​D​ancers/Intreprétes : ​Ikue Ueno |​ ​Choreography/Chorégraphie : Vancouver Street Dance Festival 3. Photographer​/Photographe​ : ​Andi McLeish | ​D​ancers/Intreprétes : ​Salome Nieto, Jeanette Kotowich, Tin Gamboa, Hailey McCloskey |​ ​Choreographer/Chorégraphe : ​Michelle Olson​ | ​Choreography/Chorégraphe : Gathering Light 4. Photographer​/Photographe​ : ​Saloome​ ​Motavas | ​D​ancers/Intreprétes : Arno Kamolika |​ ​Choreographer/Chorégraphe : ​Jai Govinda 5. Photographer/Photographe : Peter Gibson | Dancers/Intreprétes : Wade Laing | Choreography/Chorégraphie : Three Left Feet 6. Photographer​/Photographe​ : ​Tallulah Photography | ​D​ancers/Intreprétes : Ralph Escamillan (VanVogueJam) 7. Dancers/Intreprétes : Barbara Diablo | Photographer/Photographe : Valmedia 8. Photographer​/Photographe​ : ​Hamid Karimi | ​D​ancers/Intreprétes : Alison MacDonald, Virginia Castro Durán, Nancy Cardwell, Pamela Briz | ​Choreography/Chorégraphie : Impulso 9. Photographer/Photographe : JeremyMimnagh | Dancers/Intreprétes : Naishi Wang, Anna Finkel, Alana Elmer, Pulga Muchochoma, Luke Garwood, Sahara Morimoto and Lukas Malkowski | Choreographer/Chorégraphe : HeidiStrauss | Choreography/Chorégraphie : WLOT X 10. Photographer​/Photographe​ : ​Omer Yukseker | ​D​ancers/Intreprétes : Sylvain Bouchard, Geoffrey Dollar, Russell Winkelaar, Amelia Griffin, Liz Winkelaar, Cee Ancheta |​ ​Choreographer/Chorégraphe : ​Renata Soutter​ | ​Choreography/Chorégraphie : Flesh & Spokes 11. ​Photographer​/Photographe​ : ​Daniel crump | ​D​ancers/Intreprétes : ​Emilie Lewis, Yayoi Ban, and RWB Company |​ ​Choreography/Chorégraphie : Visions of Swan Lake 12. Photographer​/Photographe​ : ​Scott Reid | ​D​ancers/Intreprétes : Natasha Korney, Sabrina Comanescu |​ ​Choreographer/Chorégraphe : ​Renata Soutter​ | ​Choreography/Chorégraphie : Better Get Hit in Your Soul (Jan 2019​) | Musicians/Musiciens : Rubim de Toledo, Carsten Rubeling


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