Production Manager


Reports to Artistic Director (with an indirect report to Executive Director)


1. Production Management

Budgeting & Planning
• Prepare and present in time for the yearly budgeting process (June) the production budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.
• Be responsible for the attainment of the production budget, regularly monitor and update actual vs. budget. All cost overruns must be approved by the Artistic Director and Executive Director prior to them occurring.
• Code and authorize production department invoices for payment.

• Prepare budgets for any production, touring or facility grants.

• Define, organize and manage the production team prior to and throughout the production.
• Co-ordinate technical aspects of set-up, run and strike of each show.
• Develop and implement the production schedule.
• Manage the acquisition and/or building, of sets, properties, costumes and any other stage elements for all productions.
• Set up and maintain production binders and production files.
• Act as Technical Director as required. This includes driving a 5-ton truck and running tech equipment when necessary.
• Oversee, maintain and ensure all Health and Safety and Respectful Workplace Policies and procedures are followed.

• Determine annual budget for Production staff. Define roles & responsibilities, hire and supervise all production staff.
• Secure crew for work calls as required for all events in DJD Dance Centre.
• Negotiate and issue all contracts for the production team (i.e. electricians, carpenters, wardrobe personnel, audio technicians, technical director and stage managers, designers, musicians, choreographers and guest artists, approved by the Artistic Director).

• Research, negotiate and arrange all rights and royalty agreements (i.e. music and choreography).
• Ensure that all music charts for each production are archived and maintained.
• Assist artistic staff with securing of music, music copying, video copying etc.
• Inventory and maintain DJD video archives.
• Ensure that all music charts for each production are archived and maintained.
• Research suppliers.
• Book rental vehicles as required.
• Coordinate and book hotel and transportation for musicians and guest artists.

2. DJD Facility – Theatre Management
• Work with Artistic Director and Executive Director to determine available dates for rentals.
• Act as main contact with all facility rentals (Theatre & Community Living Room) to develop estimates, contracts and execution of outside events.
• Develop schedule for facility maintenance and ensure all equipment maintained in proper working order.
• Prepare annual budgets for capital equipment – replace and upgrade as needed.

3. Tour Management
• Prepare and present any tour budgets required for the upcoming fiscal year or for upcoming grants in time for the yearly budgeting process (June).

For season when touring activity occurs:
• Be responsible for the attainment of the tour budget, continuously update actual vs. budget. All cost overruns must be approved by the Executive Director prior to them occurring.
• Coordinate and book hotel and transportation for dancers, musicians, staff, production personnel and guest artists.
• Produce engagement/touring schedules and rooming lists.
• Research, secure and contract suppliers such as bus companies, air transportation, hotels, car and van rentals, travel agencies etc.
• When required, drive a company van.
• Coordinate and manage all tours. This includes arranging travel accommodation and per diems.

4. Technical Equipment Management
• Research and develop technical equipment needs. Liaise with technical “experts” to determine feasibility of purchase requirements.
• Oversee the upkeep and maintenance of all technical equipment.
• Prepare and present a capital expenditure budget for technical equipment. Researc grants that DJD could be eligible for in this area. Prepare all initial applications and final reports.
• Arrange for the rental and/or borrowing of equipment as needed.
• Maintain an inventory of techinical equipment and develop life cyle planning for all techincal equipment.

5. Other
• Be responsible for the storage, inventory, and insurance of all production material including props, sets and costumes.
• Deal with all unions i.e. ACTRA, CAEA, AFM, ADC, Equity.
• Secure all work permits needed for foreign guest artists.
• Contract all entertainment for special events. i.e. Black & White Ball bands.
• Coordinate the actual production and logistics of all Special Appearances ensuring that all production elements meet the Artistic Director’s standards.
• Arrange for and oversee DJD off site storage.
• Arrange and oversee all archival documentation of productions.
• Complete other projects as required by the Artistic Director and Executive Director.
Application Information:
• The start date of this position is negotiable between January – August 2022
• Interviews will be conducted on an on-going basis and the job posting will officially close when a suitable candidate is found
• We thank all interested applicants in advance but we will only be contacting those selected for an interview.

See the full job posting here.

Job Type: Full-Time
Location: DJD Dance Centre
City: Calgary


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