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As a national authority in arts advocacy, the Canadian Dance Assembly is a small but mighty service organization. The pandemic has presented the arts sector with significant challenges as a ‘first to close and last to open’ sector. Cancellations of performances and closing of performance spaces are having a major impact on our artists. As the pandemic continues, Canadian Dance Assembly is responding to the immediate impact on our membership as well as attempting to forecast what will be needed for the dance community to be sustained until we are able to return safely. We are grateful for the work of our membership in enriching the lives of Canadians in a time where the power of arts to heal and bring us together has never been more apparent.

Our fundraising goal is $2,000 
Please help us reach our goal and amplify the impact of the Canadian Dance Assembly. 

Consider a one-time or monthly donation to support our ongoing activities. Donations can also be made by e-transfer to info[@] or by cheque with the accompanying donation form. Your support is much appreciated!

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