Saturday, October 20

Breakfast Proudly Sponsored by Dance Collection Danse

Members Meeting (Annual General Meeting, Reports on Projects)

Reports include:
CDA/RQD Collaboration Update (intermediary report): Presented by Jay Rankin
The Canadian Dance Assembly's National Health Insurance Program: Presented by Garry Neil, Bob Underwood (Actra Fraternal Benefits Society) To download the PDF presentation please click here.
National Training Subsidy Program – Next Steps: Presented by Mary Elizabeth Luka. To download the PDF please click here.
I love dance / J’aime la danse Year 2 Action Plan: Presented by Alain Dancyger, Nathalie Fave
CDA’s Strategic Review (intermediary report): Presented by Jane Marsland

Standing Council Meetings
Service & Support Meeting Proudly Sponsored by the Dancer Transition Resource Centre
Dance Companies Meeting Proudly Sponsored by Fortier Danse-Création
For a list of Standing Councils, click here

Keynote Address, "Witnessing Dance: Mediation and the Technologies of Representation"
Proudly Sponsored by The National Ballet of Canada
Speaker: Douglas Rosenberg
To download Douglas' presentation please click here.

Unashamedly utopian, this talk will address how we look, how we discuss, how we circulate and inscribe images of dancing bodies in a pluralistic world. Presenting ideas in a relational framework, Douglas Rosenberg will situate dance within a larger conversation, as a discipline within a system of discourse, signifiers and conversations about mark-making, about presence, about bearing witness to a particular kind of humanness that has the potential to speak about both democracy and egalitarianism even as it conforms to contemporary esthetics.

Technology and democracy are often mentioned in the same breath (the Arab Spring and social media for instance, or the internet as a force for democratizing information) The technologies of representation (as they relate to dance) are inextricably linked to access: to the tools of media, to who controls how the results of media/dance collaborations circulate in the culture and most importantly how the technologies of representation, (film, video, moving image production) reinforce ideas about women, race, disability, beauty, and such.  When dance artists translate their choreographic ideas from stage to screen, often the result is that the screen version repeats unhealthy and damaging tropes that are antithetical to inclusion, democracy, and egalitarianism.  This talk will suggest models to re-articulate the possibilities of technology and dance and to create opportunities for creative and critical discourse in our dance communities that focus on the human condition.

Break/Stretch  Proudly Sponsored by CADA/BC, The Dance Centre, Dance Nova Scotia, Dance Manitoba, Dance Ontario

Panel - Changing demographics in dance - The successful practice of artistic pluralism
Proudly Sponsored by Decidedly Jazz Danceworks
Moderator: Warren Garrett
Speakers: Charles Smith, Amirali Alibhai, Michele Moss, Lata Pada, Zab Maboungou
To download Charles' presentation please click here

The successful practice of artistic pluralism requires cross-cultural respect, dialogue, and understanding.   The arts demonstrate and manifest the potential of thinking and creating together across differences. In times of changing demographics, considering the integration of new cultures within the Canadian mainstream, how can we adapt to current increasing changes, what does the intersection between artists from different origins mean, what are the questions that need to be addressed in order to attract people coming from different backgrounds, what are the obstacles, challenges and success stories related to this topic. How do cultural habits impact the way people buy tickets and in what ways does cultural difference impact the art form.

Innovation Forum I

"Dance From Stage to Screen: Five Journeys, Five Stories"
Moderator: Douglas Rosenberg
Speakers: Priscilla Guy, Paulina Ruiz Carballido, JoDee Allen, Izabel Barsive, Olga Barrios

It’s story-telling time!  Listen to five artists as they share their journeys through the life of a lens. See how dance artists are using new technologies as a component of their work; how do they approach this form of expression and performance from behind the screen, how does it alter our experience, why have they chosen to work this way, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this digital age? Join us as we dance our way through the stories of 5 exciting and innovative artists.

Evening program: Ottawa Dance Live  Location: Arts Court

Sunday, October 21

Location: National Arts Centre (All Day)

Keynote Address II

Speaker: Sashar Zarif 

This presentation investigates Sashar Zarif's experience in cross-cultural dance practice. Using personal research, experimentation, and visual archives, Zarif introduces the dance-making process he calls "dialectic movement". He suggests that by this process, one might negotiate both form and content within the context of  traditional and contemporary dance practices. Zarif contends that the dancer should dance without certainty (in other words, always searching and being inquisitive), yet not being paralyzed by hesitation. In this presentation, Zarif suggests ways in which the artist does not completely dominate his or her body, but rather allows it to have its own dialectical movements.

Case Studies: "From the Grass Roots to the Grandstand"

Proudly Sponsored by CADA/BC, The Dance Centre, Dance Nova Scotia, Dance Manitoba, Dance Ontario
Facilitator: Charles Smith
Speakers: Anne-Marie Jean, Eric Lariviere, Caroline Lussier, Myles Warren, Katherine Hobbs, Nova Bhattacharya  
To download Anne-Marie Jean's presentation please click here.
To download Eric Lariviere's presentation please click here.

Starting at the National level, conference delegates will be updated on the latest research being undertaken in Canada. The Dance Mapping study provides a comprehensive profile of the breadth and depth of dance activity in our country.  We then move from national to local as we view current statistics from studies being undertaken in municipalities. Come prepared to reflect, analyze and take stock of the current trends and behaviors that will influence the way we work.

Innovation Forum II

Note: The following breakout sessions take place simultaneously.

Proudly Sponsored by FaveQuest

Session A/B: "Planning and Implementation of Technology for the Performing Arts"
Speaker: Andre Bouchard
To download Andre's presentation please click here

From inception to ongoing maintenance be prepared to take on technology projects through mindful planning and communication. This presentation is a tool kit that will assist your organization in identifying goals, defining budgets and resources, addressing impacts and change management, setting out a timeline, and planning employee training for successful adoption of technology.  

1.    Dashboards (internal communication tools)
2.    Customer Relationship Management Systems (databases)
3.    Implementation of Wiki Sites (internal and/or external information sites)
4.    Content Management and Open Source Solutions (web management and free software)
5.    Cloud computing and its implications

Session C: "Love Your Database! (Choosing Software for Non-Profits)"
Speaker: Peter Turk
To download Peter's presentation please click here

Every non-profit organization needs a good database management system that helps decrease administrative burden, preserves organizational memory, and enhances relationships with constituencies. Choosing the right one, however, can be challenging.

This session lays out a step-by-step process to choose the most appropriate software for managing data. It explains pricing options, terminology, critical success factors, pitfalls, and other components that are commonly encountered when sourcing a solution to help with data management problems. Administrators, managers and artists will walk away with tools to help them maximize their systems and manage information efficiently and effectively.
Session D: "The show must go on…"
Note: This presentation will be delivered in French.
Speaker: Frédéric Julien
To download Frédéric's presentation please click here.

Today, more and more people view the performing arts on television, online and in movie theatres. Are people viewing shows via the media rather than seeing them live? The answer appears to be no. Nevertheless, this is a trend that the dance community cannot afford to ignore. This presentation will review the latest studies on the subject and discuss the benefits and potential of each mode of cultural participation.

Proudly Sponsored by CADA/BC, The Dance Centre, Dance Nova Scotia, Dance Manitoba, Dance Ontario

Innovation Forum III

Session C: "Policies to Promote Pluralism in Dance Organizations"

Speaker: Charles Smith
To download Charles' PDF please click here

Many arts organizations across Canada and internationally are reviewing and updating their approaches to being inclusive of diverse and marginalized artists and arts organizations.  Such organizations have looked to adopt specific policies and implementation plans that will guide them in ensuring inclusion is a fundamental value and that actions are put in place to support this. This workshop will review some of these strategies and suggest ways in which similar approaches can be put in place by the Canadian Dance Assembly.

Session C: "The Dance Company of Tomorrow: How globalization and digital distribution will drastically change and potentially save the art of dance"
Speaker: Marc Kirschner
To download Marc's presentation please click here

For the last two years, TenduTV Founder Marc Kirschner has listed Globalization as the top topic for the dance field in his annual "10 Things the Dance Field Should Be Talking About" list. As digital distribution and new technologies open up the potential for companies to reach and develop paying audiences worldwide, Kirschner answers the key question on the minds of stakeholders in the field: What skills and capabilities does the dance company of tomorrow need to survive and thrive?

Session D: "Governance Models to Support Pluralism in Dance Organizations"
Speaker: Charles Smith
To download Charles' PDF please click here

Who makes decisions for dance organizations?  What communities do they represent?  What artistic forms do they bring forward?  How are artists and arts organizations from diverse and marginalized communities involved?  These are questions that are at the forefront  of arts organizations across Canada and internationally.   Decision- making, and who has access to it, is critical to the voice of such organizations and to whom they speak with and for and can indicate the  organizations real commitments.  This workshop will review governance  models that are inclusive, serving to provide a full voice to dance artists and models that can be put in place by the Canadian Dance Assembly.

Session D: Gaming Workshop: "Get Ready to Play!"
Speaker: JoDee Allen

Get ready to play!  In this workshop, participants will have a chance to experience an environment that bridges movement, games, and technology.  JoDee’s research focuses on exploring the dynamic relationship between the human body and media through interactive technologies.  She is working to develop interactive systems that explore the shifting regions of social game play and street culture and how they coalesce around perception of self, connection to a group, response to the environment, and personal expression.  

In this presentation, JoDee will also discuss different ways that dance is being integrating into present day, digital gaming practices, and how dance professionals can be involved in the ever-growing digital gaming industry.  

Session E: "Search Engine Optimization"
Speaker: Andre Bouchard
To download Andre's presentation please click here

Understand an implement minor changes to your website to get found by patrons online through search engines.  Using meta data, links, analytics, and simple rules for content you can dramatically improve search engine referrals to your website.

Session E: "Mocial Marketing for Events"
Speaker: Allan Isfan
To download Allan's presentation please click here

More than half the population has smartphones and they use them everywhere. This important trend can no longer be ignored. This workshop will bring you up to speed on the latest trends in mobile and social (Mocial) with a focus on event marketing and engaging with attendees during your events.

Session F: "Technology in the Arts"

Speaker: Andre Bouchard
To download Andre's presentation please click here.

Technology is changing how the world engages with the arts and how arts engage with patrons.  Learn about tools that help with administration, client management, community building, fundraising, marketing, and mobile engagement; many of which are free.

Evening program.

I love dance / J’aime la danse Awards Ceremony

Get ready for Canada’s first National Dance Awards! The Canadian Dance Assembly will recognize and celebrate exceptional members of the dance milieu with the I love dance/J’aime la danse Awards.

Monday, October 22

Location: National Arts Centre (All Day)

Innovation Forum IV

Registration & Breakfast Proudly Sponsored by CADA/BC, The Dance Centre, Dance Nova Scotia, Dance Manitoba, Dance Ontario

"25 Promotional Ideas for Under $25" Speaker: Andre Bouchard
To download Andre's presentation please click here

Explore the world of social media and online promotions.  Engage with strategies that effectively build community, drive traffic, energize patrons, and attract new fans.

Session B Speakers: Douglas Rosenberg, Priscilla Guy, Paulina Ruiz Carballido

Join three dynamic artists in this workshop as they give you practical advice, tools, and vision on getting your projects started.  Learn about the ins and outs of technology and how to use it effectively in your practice.  Come with your questions and walk away with new inspiration to take back to the studio, computer or your drawing board!

Plenary Session: Planning Our Next Move

Proudly Sponsored by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal

Arts Caucus Meeting: "Conversation with Dancers and MPs"
(Parliament Hill)

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