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Celebrating Canadian Dance

I love dance/ J’aime la danse is a unique six year national campaign for dance that engages all dance lovers and dancers alike and supports the principles outlined in the Dance Manifesto. The campaign is the first of its kind, bringing all dance styles and supporters together in a movement to raise the profile of dance in Canada. It represents diverse backgrounds, interests, and abilities for the first time with a united voice and message, in support of dance as an art form integral to Canadian culture.

The I love dance/J'aime la danse Campaign is for everybody that loves dance!

You don't have to be a dance professional to get involved. We are looking to engage communities across the country from diverse skill levels and backgrounds.The campaign is for everybody! We invite dance enthusiasts, dance fans, community groups, social dancers, writers…If your life is touched by dance in any way then we urge you to join and participate. Help raise the profile of dance in Canada and contribute to the growth and sustainability of this art form.  Let’s work together to keep dance a vibrant force in Canadian culture. 

If you love dance - Participate!  

- Join the I love dance/J'aime la danse community on Facebook and Twitter

- Share the message of the dance Manifesto ( Read, share, present, download)
- Organize an activity around National Dance Week
- Download the I love dance/J'aime la danse Logo HERE (For Print - For Web) and/or the National Dance Week Logo and use in your media and show programs!
Support the campaign and purchase "Just Dance" merchandise

Contact our office today to see how you could be involved! or 416-515-8444  

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