CoLABenDirect is an online secure video collaboration platform which will allow multiple artists and organizations to co-create with each other in real time, from several locations on various devices with video recording and archiving capabilities.

Most dance artists/companies in Canada are small to mid-sized and are faced with travel and financial barriers to collaboration. This national digital initiative, led by Atlantic Ballet, will give artists and dance companies from across Canada the chance to collaborate seamlessly online in real time. It is from this context that Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada is leading this project in cooperation with artistic collaborators, the Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) and Kaeja d’Dance.

Over this past summer was the first multi-city research of CoLADBenDirect - three cities, one choreography! The testing phase took place between Atlantic Ballet Atlantique in Moncton, Mocean Dance in Halifax, and Kaeja d'Dance in Toronto. In the fall Atlantic Ballet Atlantique worked with Charles C. Smith and artists from The Wind in the Leaves Collective in Toronto and Pam Tzeng with collaborators Kara Bullock and Sasha Ivanochko from Calgary. Watch the video and enjoy the initial testing phase for the project underway. This project aims to eliminate barriers of cost and distance by offering more collaborative creation possibilities than ever before.

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