International Dance Day - April 29th 2012

This year Yvon Soglo, Crazy Smooth, authored a message to all Canadians for International Dance Day.  Founder of Bboyizm dance company, Crazy Smooth takes his never-ending mission to elevate and carry on the tradition of street dance culture to the world of performing arts.  He was the first b-boy to receive a grant from the Canada Council to study b-boying and other forms of street dance in New York and Philadelphia and is currently on a cross Canada tour with his critically acclaimed show IZM.

“Dance has the rare and precious power to unite people of all ages, cultures and religions and has an intrinsic value to Canadian society.

Consider the enthusiasm of children as they express themselves through movement; the joy adults exude after a ballroom dance class; the profound emotional response of audiences and their reflections after a powerful dance performance; the incredible energy generated in a room when everybody starts to boogie; and the passion and history reflected in traditional and cultural dances.

Imagine how desolate a world without dance would be.

Dance speaks to the mind, body and soul in a way that goes beyond the power of words and its social impact and capacity to engage should be celebrated. As an art form dance can be impressive but expression is its fundamental nature.”

~Crazy Smooth, artistic director of Bboyizm
   Dance to express, not impress.

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International Dance Day falls on the last day of Canada's first ever National Dance Week celebrations.

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