Previous COVID-19 Announcements

November 23rd - While the wage subsidy program is already extended until June 2021, the current proposed changes freeze the current subsidy rate until December 19, 2020. Read further details in the Backgrounder HERE.

Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy – CERS would provide up to 65% of a company’s rent, property tax, property insurance, and/or mortgage interest payments per month. This program helps to provide relief to businesses, non-profits, and charities that continue to be negatively impacted by the pandemic. Backgrounder HERE

There is also additional Lockdown Support which would provide an extra 25% towards a company’s rent, property tax, property insurance, and/or mortgage interest payment if the business is forced to close due to a mandatory lockdown order.
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August 20th - the Government of Canada announced CERB is extended to the end of September and will be succeeded by a simplified EI program and new recovery benefits for the self-employed and those working in the gig economy. Starting September 27th, Canadians still out of work will shift to one of four benefits. More details are available in the backgrounder.

July 17th - Changes to CEWS announced. The CEWS program was expanded to be more inclusive to employers who have seen a revenue drop of under 30%, but the change brings additional complexity that may make calculations more difficult. Young Associates put together this guide to help you understand your eligibility and calculate your subsidy under the July 17th changes.

July 7 - Final Components of Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund for Cultural, Heritage and Sport Organizations Announced. This final component helps address some of the gaps that have been identified by the industry across Canada since the fund was first implemented. Thus, the second phase provides support to other organizations, some of which do not normally receive funding from Canadian Heritage, the Canada Council for the Arts, Telefilm Canada or the Canada Media Fund. The goal is still to help maintain jobs and support business continuity for organizations whose viability has been affected. More details are available in the backgrounder. As part of Phase 2, the Canada Council for the Arts will distribute $7.8 million in emergency support for Indigenous and equity-seeking groups and organizations.

June 30 - Government Announces Extension of Rent Relief Program for Small Businesses
The Government of Canada is taking strong, immediate and effective action to protect Canadians and businesses from the impacts of the global pandemic through its COVID-19 Economic Response Plan. The Plan helps ensure that Canadians can pay for essentials like mortgages, rent and groceries, and to help businesses continue to pay their employees and their bills during this time of uncertainty.

June 26 – Expansion of CEBA program
As of June 26, 2020, businesses eligible for CEBA now include owner-operated small businesses that do not have a payroll, sole proprietors receiving business income directly, as well as family-owned corporations remunerating in the form of dividends rather than payroll.

June 16 - CERB extended from 16 weeks to 24 weeks for workers who:
- stopped working due to COVID-19 or
- are eligible for Employment Insurance regular or sickness benefits or
- have exhausted their Employment Insurance regular benefits or Employment Insurance fishing benefits between December 29, 2019 and October 3, 2020.

June 5 - Prime Minister announces supports for Canadians with disabilities to address challenges from COVID-19. This support includes a special one-time, tax-free payment to individuals who are certificate holders of the Disability Tax Credit as of June 1, 2020. Read More.

Updated guidance on wearing non-medical masks
Wearing a homemade non-medical mask/facial covering is recommended for periods of time when it is not possible to consistently maintain a 2-metre physical distance from others, particularly in crowded public settings, such as: 
- stores
- shopping areas
- public transportation
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May 25 – Applications are now being accepted for the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA)
 for small businesses. Property owners can reduce rent by at least 75 per cent for the months of April and May (retroactive), and June. CECRA will cover 50 per cent of the rent, with the tenant paying up to 25 per cent and the property owner forgiving at least 25 per cent. Property owners can apply HERE 

May 19 - The eligibility for the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) has been expanded. CEBA provides zero-interest, partially forgivable loans up to $40,000. Twenty-five per cent of this loan is forgivable if repaid by December 31, 2022. Learn more about applying HERE

May 15 - Government extends the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced that the Government of Canada will extend the CEWS by an additional 12 weeks to August 29, 2020. Continue reading HERE.

May 8 - Emergency Support Fund for Cultural, Heritage and Sport Organizations: next steps to support the industry impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic - The Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Honourable Steven Guilbeault, shared further details regarding the Government of Canada’s April 17 announcement of temporary relief measures to support the culture, heritage and sport sectors. The distribution of funding will include:
- $198.3 million will be provided to the beneficiaries of arts and culture funding via existing programs as well as other organizations with demonstrated needs (Heritage);
- $55 million to be distributed by the Canada Council for the Arts; 

April 24 - Prime Minister announces partnerships with provinces and territories to deliver the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance for small businesses. Continue reading details HERE.

April 22 - The government has announced a series of measures as part of its COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan that will help Canadian studentsand recent graduates overcome these challenges and support their future success.Read full release HERE.

The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) will open April 27. Check out this page to see if you are eligible, determine eligible employees, calculate your subsidy amount, and how to apply.

April 17 - Emergency Support Fund for the Arts, Culture and Sport Sectors : The government is providing $500 million to address the complex financial needs many are facing and those that may not otherwise be eligible for the Wage Subsidy or other measures.
April 16 Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) – The eligibility was expanded to organizations with payroll between $20,000-$1.5 million in total payroll in 2019. 

April 15 - Expanding Access to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit 
- Allow people to earn up to $1,000 per month while collecting the CERB.
- Extend the CERB to seasonal workers 
- Extend the CERB to workers who have recently exhausted their EI regular benefits 

April 9 - Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan - Further details and breakdown on current support available for individuals and businesses

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