As the country gradually opens for business, services, and public spaces, the performing arts sector has prepared guidelines on procedures to safely open doors again to the public based on public health advice.

Please check your region for more information.

The Government of Canada, The Fundamentals - Return-to-Work Plan 
A return-to-work plan is a tool for managers to proactively help ill or injured employees return to productive employment in a timely and safe manner:
- A number of employees can safely perform productive and meaningful work while they are recovering.
- Returning to work is beneficial to the employee and is part of the recovery process.
- Different situations require different solutions.

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British Columbia  

- Work Safe BC Safety Plan 
- Work Safe BC, Arts & Culture: Protocols for returning to operation 
Work Safe BC, Performing Arts: Protocols for returning to operation
Scotiabank Dance Centre Rental Protocols
- Scotiabank Dance Centre: COVID-19 Protocols and Policies 
- Act Safe - Live Event Relaunch Reference
- Act Safe - Performing Arts Industry Relaunch Framework

- Saskatchewan Dance Re-opening Guidelines for COVID-19

- Gyms and Fitness Facilities Guidelines
- Live Theatre Guidelines


- Manitoba Risk Assessment and Mitigation Tool for Recreational Activities 
- RWB Re-opening Safely


- Government of Alberta Relaunch Guide 
- Crossings Dance Studio - reopening video tour 


- Returning to the Studio created by Shelaina Anderson, MD, CCFP, BSc Kin
- Ontario Dance and Performing Arts (Studios) Workplace Guidelines for COVID-19 
- Ontario Dance and Performing Arts (Schools) Workplace Guideline for COVID-19 
- Ontario - A Framework for Reopening our Province Stage 3


- Workplace Sanitary Standards Guide for the Performing Acts Sector, Performance Halls and Movie Theatres – COVID-19

Nova Scotia 

- Nova Scotia Re-opening Guide Arts & Culture 
- Nova Scotia Theatres & Venues COVID-19 Guidelines  


Guidelines for Reopening Theatres and Performing Arts Venues at Alert Level 2

Other Resources 

- The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide
- Work Safe BC - How to Wear Mask Safely 
- Work Safe BC - COVID-19 Health and Safety 
- Work Safe BC - Help prevent the spread of COVID-19, designing effective barriers 

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