Contracts, Wages & Financial Resources

Resources for dancers and dance companies on paying artists and cultural workers, as well as helping artists thrive financially.

Pay Standards, Rates and Contract Templates
The Professional Standards for Dance - by CADA-ON
The Professional Standards for Dance - by CADA/West 
La trousse contractuelle - by RQD
Sample independent contractor agreement - by the Mars Institute, written in Ontario.
Contracts - by the Artist Producer Resource by Generator TO 

via The Urban Worker Project: 
Wage Calculator 
Am I an Employee?
Sole Proprietorship vs Incorporation

Other types of support and resources:
Government Grants and Their Tax Treatments: a guide to preparing your taxes after receiving a grant - by Tova Epp 
AFC Financial Wellness Program
Building a budget - via the Artist Producer Resource by Generator TO
Operations - for producers and General Managers on financial topics via the Artist Producer Resources by Generator TO
National Health Insurance Program (available for CDA members) through the AFBS

Research and Reports: 
Ontario study of the cultural workforce: Making It Work: Pathways toward sustainable cultural careers by WorkInCulture, May 2019. Executive Summary here
More than Money: How social finance can build resilience in the arts sector by Elizabeth MacKinnon and Christine Pellerin of the Metcalf Foundation
A Statistical Profile of Artists in Canada in 2016 (with summary information about cultural workers) - March 2019, Hill Strategies Research Inc *this report has specific details for both "dancers" and "producers, directors & choreographers".
Artist Career Research Methods (Executive Summary)- January 2019, Hill Strategies Research Inc and the Canada Council for the Arts
     *an in-depth Canadian and international literature review into methods used to understand artists’ work conditions, incomes, and career paths.
2017 National Compensation Study:  For Managerial and Administrative Positions in Not-for-Profit Arts Organizations by CHRC
Professional Dance Performers in Canada in 2016 - Activities, incomes, health and career development - by DTRC

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