Performing Arts in Canada: Where Are The Audiences? – November 16


Performing Arts in Canada: Where Are The Audiences?

Lockdowns are behind us, mask mandates have been dropped, social distancing is no longer required, and the doors of concert halls and theatres in Canada are wide open. And yet in many venues, ticket sales are not picking up. What is going on?

On November 16, 2022, we co-presented a webinar on exactly that! We invited experts from Canada and the United States to share insights on box office data in the performing arts and provide some clarity on some of the burning questions on everyone’s mind: Where are our audiences? How do we bring them back?


  • Eric Nelson, Client Engagement Officer, TRG Arts
  • William César Lareau, Synapse C
  • Benjamin Broucke, Project Executive, Tourism, Heritage and Culture, Government of New Brunswick
  • Facilitator, Frédéric Julien, Director of Research of Development, CAPACOA




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