The CDA’s primary service is advocacy on behalf of the dance sector. In the simplest of terms, CDA listens closely to the dance community to understand problems that are arising and then connects to other organizations and governing bodies to take action to solve those problems. These actions often look like:

  • Polling/surveying the community to understand the need and possible solutions
  • Offering industry wide workshops, meetings, training opportunities and roundtables to share findings from experts
  • Co-signing letters to parliament and governing bodies to attest to the needs of the sector
  • Sharing of research and resources that support the thriving of the industry (research results/reports, job postings, calls for applications)

CDA is a unique organization for two key reasons; a national scope and advocacy lens. We work with provincial organizations who are tuned into their regions’ needs, giving CDA a broad understanding of the cross country trends. We are also the only dance organization dedicated to advocating for dance! So while our work may sometimes seem ambiguous, rest assured we are working behind the scenes to make sure you get the support you need to make the dance you dream of.

The best resources by region:

If you have an issue that you want the CDA to advocate on, please consider taking out a membership. You can refer to the Strategic Guidelines for how CDA conducts its advocacy work to better understand how we might be able to help. If you believe passionately in the need for dance advocacy, please consider volunteering for CDA’s Advocacy Committee.

Together, we can create an ecosystem that prioritizes and values dance and its many facets.


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