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À l’occasion, l’Assemblée canadienne de la danse n’hésite pas à se faire entendre sur les ondes de vos médias locaux! Surveillez ses interventions au fil de l’actualité. En voici quelques exemples ci-dessous que vous pouvez télécharger.

  • Feds promise more money for arts, culture in budget but with few details

    28-Mar-2017 The Liberal government promised more funding for arts and culture in Wednesday's budget, but offered few concrete details as to what the money will be spent on.

    The budget promised an extra $1.8 billion for culture and recreation over the next decade, starting next year. More than $1.3 billion will go to the provinces and territories via bilateral agreements but the budget didn't say how they can spend it, or how much would be allocated to arts and culture facilities in particular.

    Pierre-Olivier Herbert of Canadian Heritage told CBC News the money could be used to fund cultural spaces like community recreation centres and history complexes.

    There was a focus on Indigenous languages and cultures, with the government promising $89.9 million over the next three years for improving the existing Aboriginal Languages Initiative, digitizing language and cultural materials and creating archive and educational tools based on oral history.

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  • Arts Advocates in Canada Make Politics Personal


    On October 25, 160 arts advocates gathered at the nation’s capital to speak to parliamentarians for this year’s Arts Day on the Hill. On behalf of the Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC), these advocates scheduled 111 meetings, six of which were with ministers and nine with ministerial staff. The CAC focused on three key points to deliver. The first was an appreciation for Canada Council’s doubling of the arts and culture funding in the 2016 federal budget (a 1.87 billion dollar investment over five years). The second was a look at the two-year investment in the Showcasing Canada’s Cultural Industries to the World program and the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, stressing the need for an extension of funding beyond two years for meaningful change and worldwide presence to be established. The third point focused on the digital culture consultations and making sure that artists are involved. Emphasis on indigenous, equity-seeking or marginalized artists and communities was at the forefront of all points. Continue reading full article HERE.

    Kate Cornell with colleagues after a meeting with an advisor in the Prime Minister’s office / Photo courtesy of the Canadian Arts Coalition and Tara Mazurk

  • Interview: What the Australian arts sector can learn from Canada


    Our Executive Director, Kate Cornell was interviewed by Australian's Artshub for her insights on the recent changes to funding for the arts in Canada.

    The article compares Canadian and Australian arts funding and questions how will Canada utilize this increase in funding and what this means to the arts sector and to Canadian culture.

    "Until recently, Australia was well ahead of Canada in its support for the arts. Despite a population of 12 million greater than Australia, and over five times as many arts workers, the Canadian Government's investment in its arms-length funding body was $3 million lower than Australia, equating to $5.19 per person compared with $8.01 in Australia.

    But, as the graph below shows, Canada is fast overtaking Australia in its support for the arts. In five years time Canada will be spending $10.30 per person funding its arts council."

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  • Arts Community has high hopes for the Liberals

    01-Nov-2015 As Canada's prime minister-designate prepares to be sworn in, Eli Glasner looks at the expensive expectations of the cultural sector. See the interview here:

  • No excuses, no limits for Canadian dance ambassador Luca 'Lazylegz' Patuelli


    Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli  is this year’s Canadian dance ambassador for International Dance Day, April 29.

    The Montreal breakdancer, a.k.a. b-boy, was selected by the Canadian Dance Assembly, an arts organization which promotes and supports Canadian dance. Patuelli wrote a message and is featured in a video posted on the CDA website and has been invited to be keynote speaker at the CDA National Conference in Toronto in September.

    “I was overwhelmed when they contacted me,” Patuelli said. “This year (the CDA) wanted to highlight inclusiveness and accessibility to dance. When I sat down to write my dance message, it just flowed.”

    Patuelli talked to the Montreal Gazette about dance and life and challenges in the conference room of his office in the Belgo Building on Ste-Catherine St. W. while wife Melissa Emblin-Patuelli, a dancer and occupational therapist, worked on their Project RAD initiative in the adjacent office. Project RAD trains urban-dance teachers how to work with children with physical and intellectual challenges in the dance studio.

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