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  • Canadian artists unite: It’s time for a basic income / Une lettre publique de la communauté artistique pour une garantie de revenu de base


    *Online Webinar: The Case for Basic Income for the Arts* 
    July 29, 2pm EST at 2:00pm EST 
    Register HERE

    Today, artists, writers, technicians and performers are calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to create a permanent basic income guarantee.

    The pandemic's wrath on lives has been swift. Millions are still out of work, venues shuttered, and livelihoods lost. In this new precarious reality, poverty can become a reality for all of us, abruptly, without warning.

    “As stakeholders of the arts and culture sector, we ask you to give Canadians the chance not only to survive, but to live.”

    “A Basic Income Guarantee would build on existing programs, including CERB, and provide financial security to meet people’s basic needs, regardless of their work status.”

    Read the full Public Letter from the Arts Community for a Basic Income Guarantee

    This public letter, signed and endorsed by many of the largest arts and culture organizations in Canada and many prominent talents, calls on the government to think outside the box and implement a “basic income program that guarantees an income floor to anyone in need.

    Read the press release HERE.


    Aujourd'hui, des artistes, des auteur.trice.s, des et des interprètes demandent au Premier ministre Justin Trudeau de créer un revenu minimum garanti permanent.

    Les effets de la pandémie sur les vies humaines sont dévastateurs. Des millions de personnes sont toujours sans travail, des lieux de diffusion, toujours fermés, des moyens d'assurer la subsistance des, perdus.

    « En tant que partenaires du secteur des arts et de la culture, nous vous demandons de donner aux Canadien-ne-s la chance de vivre, et non plus seulement de survivre. »

    « Un Revenu Minimum Garanti serait développé sur la base des programmes existants incluant la PCU. Il offrirait une sécurité financière qui comblerait les besoins de base des individus et leur permettrait de participer pleinement à la société en vivant avec dignité, peu importe le statut de leur emploi. »

    Lettre publique de communautés artistiques du Canada en faveur d'un revenu minimum garanti.

    Cette lettre publique, signée et endossée par plusieurs grandes organisations du secteur des arts et de la culture au Canada ainsi que par plusieurs artistes de renom, enjoint le gouvernement à faire preuve de créativité en adoptant un « un programme universel et inconditionnel de soutien au revenu garantissant un seuil de revenu minimum à toutes les personnes qui en ont besoin ».

    Lire la suite.

  • Step into the light: Dancers join The Globe for a Canada Day tribute in distanced times


    What a wonderful spread of ballet to celebrate Canada Day from coast to coast featuring Atlantic Ballet Atlantique, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, The National Ballet of Canada, Red Sky Performance, Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers, Ballet BC, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and the Canadian Opera Company!

    Read the full article at Globe and Mail HERE
    Watch the full anthem to Canadian dance video HERE

  • As the theatre world scrambles to 'do better,' it's time these Black trailblazers get their due


    The last month has felt like a gruelling journey, as George Floyd's murder at the hands of police sent a ripple across the world that turned into a tidal wave. Outside of the Black community, I have never in my lifetime seen this kind of response to the unjust killing of a Black person or to anti-Black racism. Every industry began to scramble to make statements and respond to the protests and outpouring of awareness. The Canadian art world also joined in, posting statements and Black squares — some less successfully than others.

    I will admit, as I watched Canadian theatres display their contrition attached with pictures of Black actors from past productions, I was incredulous. Then I got angry and wanted people to know the truth.

    As the artistic producer at Obsidian Theatre from 2010 to 2016 (and a longtime employee before then), I have seen firsthand how much work Black theatre artists have done — and how little credit they have gotten for it. During my time there, I watched co-founder and outgoing artistic director Philip Akin take phone call after phone call from Black artists looking for help navigating the racism they faced inside these companies. Akin, who will be stepping down as artistic director after nearly 15 years on June 30th, did not mince words when it came time for him to pen Obsidian's statement. Read More

    Kaleb Alexander and Mazin Elsadig in Obsidian Theatre's 2019 production of Pass Over by Antoinette Nwandu, directed by Philip Akin. (Cesar Ghisilieri).

  • Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the arts

    26-Jun-2020 Situation of artists and arts organizations
    In this issue: Insights into the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the arts and culture, based on four Canadian and American surveys.

    Impacts of COVID-19 on Canadian Artists and Independent Cultural Workers
    Interim Report based on I Lost My Gig Canada Survey Data as of May 27
    I Lost My Gig Canada, June 2020

    The results of this survey show that a total of 28,500 gigs are expected to be lost or are at risk (average of 36 per respondent for the 796 people responding to questions about lost gigs through the end of 2020). The total income estimated to be lost or at risk through the end of the year is just over $20 million (average of $25,200 per respondent). Expected losses represent 83% of respondents’ average arts-related income in 2019 ($30,500).


    Early COVID-19 Impacts on OAC-Funded Arts Organizations
    Survey Findings
    Ontario Arts Council, April 2020

    In early April, the Ontario Arts Council conducted an online survey of organizations that had received either a project or an operating grant over the previous two years, with the objective of gathering “some high-level indicators of the early impacts of COVID-19 on OAC-funded arts organizations”. Based on 441 survey responses, this report concludes that the COVID-19 pandemic “will have devastating and multi-layered impacts” on responding organizations over both the short and long terms.

    Impacts on Montreal’s cultural sector: Coronavirus (COVID-19) questionnaire
    (Évaluation des impacts sur le milieu culturel montréalais : Coronavirus (COVID-19) questionnaire)
    Culture Montréal, March and April 2020

    Two fact sheets summarize the early results of separate surveys on the impacts of COVID-19 on Montreal artists and cultural organizations.

    The Economic Impact of Coronavirus on the Arts and Culture Sector
    Americans for the Arts, May 2020

    This regularly updated dashboard summarizes findings from American surveys related to the financial impacts of the novel coronavirus on the arts and culture sector.

  • CERB payments to be extended for 2 more months


    The Canada emergency response benefit (CERB) is being extended by two more months, even as the government encourages people to look for jobs and to go back to work when it's possible to do so.

    CERB has provided taxable payments of $2,000 for up to four months to Canadians who lost income because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today that the financial supports will be extended for eight weeks for those who still can't work as provinces and territories gradually reopen their economies.

    "The reality is that there are three million people out of work who are looking for work, and even as our economy is reopening, there are many, many more people out of work, willing to work, than there are jobs available," he said. Read More

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a two-month extension to the Canada emergency response benefit today. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press)

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