Choreographer’s Message – April 29, 2016

Initiated in 1982 by the International Dance Committee of the UNESCO International Theatre Institute, International Dance Day falls on April 29 of every year, commemorating the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre, a distinguished choreographer that brought about significant reforms in ballet production. Since 2005, the Canadian Dance Assembly has issued a Canadian message in conjunction with the UNESCO message. This year, CDA invited East Coast artist Susanne Chui of Mocean Dance to share her inspirational message to all Canadians.

"We are always in motion; our blood flows, our lungs expand and contract and our hearts beat like a drum keeping time. All around us the world is in motion; leaves flutter, waves roll and crash, cars zip by. Inside of this wonderful life-song our minds and spirits swirl, connecting us to our inner and outer worlds and to each other. Dance is inside and all around us; all we have to do is open to it.
Remember the first time you felt the urge to dance. Perhaps it was a moment of pure joy or a moment of sorrow; maybe you were alone or with others, in your living room, in a dance class, in an open field; perhaps there was music playing or perhaps it was quiet. Something inside of you could not be contained. You were moved and it moved you. Dancing from this place is expansive, it's electric. You can see it in children moving freely; you can see it in someone letting loose on a dance club floor; and you can see it in a brilliant performance on stage.
It is from this pure place of dance that I call upon us to awaken this International Dance Day (and every day!), and to share it with the world.  

Happy International Dance Day from the East Coast! " ~ Susanne Chui

Downloadable version of the message

Susanne Chui is a Halifax-based dance artist and Co-Artistic Director of Mocean Dance, in tandem with Sara Coffin. From the office, to the studio, to the stage, Susanne is deeply committed to contributing to the collective voice of Canadian dance.

Susanne trained professionally at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and was based in Toronto from 1999-2007, where she danced for independent choreographers and was a founding member of Tilt: sound + motion dance company. During that time she returned regularly to Halifax to dance, and founded SiNS (Sometimes in Nova Scotia) dance collective with Jacinte Armstrong and Sara Coffin. Since returning to Halifax full-time, Susanne has become immersed in the Halifax arts community, dancing for local choreographers, improvising with musicians and other artists, and creating her own work. Susanne joined Mocean as a dancer in 2011, and became part of the artistic leadership in 2012.

Her earliest dance memory is rocking out in her living room to Olivia Newton John’s Let’s Get Physical pumping out of her family’s record player.

See Mocean Dance’s Sable Island at the 2016 Canada Dance Festival, a spellbinding piece inspired by Nova Scotia’s famous island and it’s wild horses, choreographed by Canadian icon  Serge Bennathan. June 7th at 8:30PM. For details click HERE.

SABLE ISLAND - Trailer from Mocean Dance on Vimeo.

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