Regional Activity 2016/17

Toronto Dance Community: Artists' Meeting

On February 10th, 2017, the Canadian Dance Assembly, along with Dancemakers, CADA-ON, and the Dance Current magazine invited individual artists to join us for a discussion about dancers' rights and advocacy for independent artists. Inspired by Molly Johnson's article in the Dance Current, the discussion aimed to inform artists' work and provide independent artists with the tools needed to be their own advocate. Topics included contracts, fees, taxation, and more. 

Arts Day on the Hill 2016

On Tuesday October 25, 2016, 160 arts advocates from across Canada traveled to Parliament Hill to deliver the three messages of the Canadian Arts Coalition. Together, these advocates spoke with Parliamentarians in order to:

  1. Thank the Federal Government for increased investments in arts and culture in Budget 2016
  2. Discuss how to leverage these investments for Canada’s Infrastructure Plan and for developing strong international market access, and
  3. Ensure that Canadian artists are consulted during the current Digital Culture consultations.

These messages were well received by MPs of all parties. In total, we had 112 meetings, including 6 meetings with Ministers and 9 meetings with ministerial staff.

A sincere thank you to all those who joined the Canadian Arts Coalition in Ottawa, representing artists and arts organizations from across the country! The strength and diversity of our voices was affirmed as we thanked and celebrated Parliamentarians for their support of the arts and cultural sector, and challenged them to join us in shaping an even brighter future ahead.

Read the full Arts Day recap at the Canadian Art Coalition.

Pluralism Roundtable and AGM – June 6 

In partnership with the Canada Dance Festival and CDA’s Pluralism Committee, we hosted a Roundtable on Pluralism on June 6th in Ottawa. Pluralism, diversity, and equity are urgent issues; the dance sector is seen as a leader compared to other disciplines, but what do we really know? 

The Roundtable included three topics for discussion:

  1. Considering Language: The term “diversity” is increasingly being challenged in all sectors. How is this affecting the dance community?
  2. Developing new practices and policies: How we can develop inclusive and responsive practices and policies, at all levels of our community?
  3. Collaborative Models: More than ever there is a need for groups to come together and offer support, reduce duplication, and share resources. What does strategic partnership and collaboration look like?

Following the Roundtable was CDA's Annual General Meeting of Members

For updates on the AGM, visit our AGM page to download the kit, watch/listen to the AGM recordings.

Check out the Canada Dance Festival’s fantastic lineup of events. Or click to view their video teaser.

During the Festival, Kate Cornell received the John Hobday Award for Arts Management. Congratulations, Kate, on this tremendous success!

Kate (centre) with Kathleen Sharpe (left) and Amy Bowring (right)

Thank you to our Roundtable & AGM supporters:

Yoga and Writing Workshop

Toronto, ON

Date: On International Dance Day, April 29th
Workshop: 3:30PM to 5:15PM
Creator's Exchange: 5:15PM to 6:15PM
Pia Bouman School

CDA, along with the Playwrights Guild, will be hosting a Creator's Exchange after the workshop. Come mix and mingle with your colleagues, light refreshments will be provided.

Full workshop details HERE or REGISTER HERE!

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