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From time to time the Canadian Dance Assembly will appear in the media near you!  Watch out for CDA in the news, and download recent articles below.

  • Job Posting: Regional Representative - Alberta


    The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) and Alberta Dance Alliance (ADA) are seeking a regional representative based in Calgary. Job descriptions outlined below.

    CANADIAN DANCE ASSEMBLY Community Outreach Rep, Calgary
    The Calgary representative will have four primary tasks: hold at least one community meeting annually in their region, participate in monthly calls with the CDA national staff, attend events in the region on behalf of the CDA. The individual will work as a part-time independent contractor for the CDA.

    ALBERTA DANCE ALLIANCE  Community Outreach Representative for Dance
    The Alberta Dance Alliance (ADA) will be hiring Community Outreach Representatives (COR) starting with the
    first being in Calgary and the Southern Region. The COR position is an independent contract that primarily
    works in professional development, education, administration, and in opportunities to advance dance advocacy. The position requires
    meeting with the Calgary regional dance community and working with the ADA staff to help deliver workshops
    and to attend activities regarding the ADA’s role in Advocacy.

    Application Deadline: January 10, 2020 at 5:00PM EST
    For full job description and qualifications, click HERE

  • Announcing the New Dance Across Canada Map!


    As you may have seen, CDA is now the home to the new Dance Across Canada Map! The Canadian Dance Assembly, with support from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council, is pleased to present this dynamic resource for the community.

    In 2011 the Canada Council for the Arts, in partnership with the Ontario Arts Council, launched the Canada Dance Mapping Study to identify, quantify and describe the ecology, economy and environment of dance in Canada. It was an initiative to investigate dance in its evolving state and with its multifaceted influences on the lives of Canadians. Currently, the map has over 2,880 entries mapping dance activity from coast to coast to coast.

    Now, in 2019, the Canadian Dance Assembly re-developed the mapping site with Cornerstone Digital and will be managing and maintaining the site moving forward.

    We are excited to share this new site with a fresh design and enhanced capabilities. With the new map, you can:
    • manage and edit your organizational profile(s) by logging in to your account
    • manage multiple listings under one user name
    • add a brief description, photo and video link to your listing

    Visit our FAQ section to learn more about getting on the map or managing your existing information.Questions? Email

    To read the full press release, click HERE


  • Communication and Culture Alumni Profile: Kate Cornell


    Alumni Profile: Kate Cornell (ComCult PhD '08)
    Kate graduated with a PhD in Communication and Culture in 2008. She is the executive director for the Canadian Dance Assembly, and the co-chair of the Canadian Arts Coalition.

    My advice for students in ComCult is to enjoy your time in the program, and to use that time to diversify your skillset and prepare for work in the 21st century, which is precarious and creative. 

    Current Work
    I am the executive director of the Canadian Dance Assembly, external link, a registered charity and a national arts service organization (NASO) that works to support the dance community in Canada. Our work centers on advocacy and networking, and so I talk to politicians at all levels of government about the importance of funding the arts, particularly funding dance. Because we are a charity and a non-profit, my work also involves grant writing and creating proposals. I am also the co-chair of the Canadian Arts Coalition, external link, a national volunteer group that advocates for the economic and social impact of the arts to the federal government. In October, we hosted Arts Day on the Hill, the biggest arts and lobby day in Ottawa.

    In addition to advocacy, my work with the Canadian Dance Assembly also involves working with and supporting dance communities across Canada. One of our current initiatives is called “Decolonizing Canadian Dance, external link,” and the form that it’s taking right now is a review of the policies, procedures, and staffing of the organization itself, to make sure that we are taking into consideration equity, diversity, and inclusion in everything that we do.

    Reflections on ComCult
    My initial goal when I entered the PhD program was to become a professor. I worked as a sessional instructor for ten years and while I loved teaching and the work was incredibly satisfying, there was a lack of tenure track positions for young scholars, particularly young female scholars. When teaching didn’t become a full time position, I left academia and worked as a freelance consultant for a few years before taking this position with the Canadian Dance Assembly. Read More.

    Photo by Dahlia Katz

  • CDA Annual General Meeting of Members / Assemblée générale annuelle de l’ACD


    Annual General Meeting of Members

    The Annual General Meeting for Members of the Canadian Dance Assembly will take place on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 4:00pm, followed by refreshments. Location: TBA

    AGM business will include:
    1. Welcome
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Adoption of the 2018 AGM Minutes
    4. President’s Report
    5. Executive Director's Report
    6. Treasurer’s Report
    7. Advocacy Report
    8. Nomination Report
    9. Other Business/Open Forum

    If unable to attend the meeting, a member has the right to assign their vote to another member in good standing. A proxy form is included for this purpose. Note that non-members are welcome to attend the meeting as observers.

    CDA will be offering a live-stream option via Zoom meeting so that participants may dial-in to the AGM remotely. Zoom dial-in and weblink information will be circulated shortly.

    Open Call for Nominations
    National Council nominations - There are currently 2 vacant positions if members wish to put forward a nomination to sit on National Council. Members must be in good standing as individuals or represent an organizational member. Voting will take place at the AGM. If no nominations are presented (either self-nomination or a third party nomination), National Council will present a slate for appointment.

    Committees Call for Participation - CDA manages various committees that work alongside the National Council and staff to maintain the activities of the organization. The committees for the 2018/19 year are as follows: Advocacy, Pluralism, Conference and Finance.

    For further information or to express interest contact the office at 416-515-8444 or email


    Assemblée générale annuelle

    Veuillez noter que l’Assemblée générale annuelle (AGA) des membres de l’ACD se tiendra le le 18 juin 2019, à 16 h et sera suivie d'un repas léger et de rafraîchissements. Emplacement : (à confirmer)

    Sont inscrits à l’ordre du jour de l’Assemblée générale annuelle :
    1. Bienvenue 
    2. Adoption de l’ordre du jour
    3. Adoption du procès-verbal des délibérations de l’AGM de 2018
    4. Le rapport de la présidente
    5. Le rapport de la directrice générale
    6. Le rapport de la trésorière
    7. Le rapport de répresentation 
    8. Le rapport de mise en candidature
    9. Autres dossiers/Discussion ouverte

    Si un membre ne peut assister à l’AGA, il a le droit de mandater un autre membre en règle pour voter à sa place. Vous trouverez ci-inclus un formulaire de procuration. Les personnes non-membres peuvent assister à l’AGA en tant qu’observatrices. 

    Nous offrirons le service de réunion Zoom en continu afin que les participants puissent assister à l'AGA à distance. Le numéro et le lien Zoom vous seront communiqués sous peu.

    Appel de candidatures pour les comités et le Conseil national
    Candidatures pour le Conseil national – Deux sièges sont actuellement à combler au Conseil national. Les candidats doivent être des membres de bonne réputation comme individus ou représentants d’un organisme. L’élection se tiendra pendant l’AGA. En cas d’absence de candidats (proposés ou autoproposés), le Conseil national présentera une liste de nominations.

    Comités – L’ACD profite de plusieurs comités qui alimentent et soutiennent le Conseil national et l’équipe dans la conduite de ses activités. Les comités en 2019/2020 sont : répresentation, finance, pluralisme, conférence.

    Les membres désireux de se joindre à l’un de ces comités ou de proposer une personne pour le Conseil national doivent nous en informer au 416 515-8444 ou à


  • Getting Involved at the Federal Level


    Donald Trump.

    Did that get your attention? Keep reading.

    How about Rob Ford? Stephen Harper? Doug Ford?

    In a time of polarizing political rhetoric, it is vital for artists and arts organizations to be engaged. But as an arts advocate, I struggle to get the dance community’s attention.

    Of course, it’s ironic that I don’t struggle to get politicians’ attention. Since October 2015, I have developed relationships with numerous MPs and ministers in Ottawa. In Toronto and the GTA alone, I have met with fourteen different MPs to discuss the importance of arts funding to Canadian society. And those are just the federal elected officials. I have advocated to provincial and municipal leaders as well. All of this advocacy culminates at Arts Day on the Hill, the biggest lobby day in Ottawa. I don’t mean the biggest lobby day for the arts; I mean the biggest lobby day that Ottawa sees all year. Read more.

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