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  • CDA's Kate Cornell interviewed on Yahoo! News!


    CanCon’s evolution: Ottawa seeks public’s input on future of arts and culture funding

    [Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly is seeking the public’s input on the future of Canada’s arts and culture funding in the digital age. REUTERS/Chris Wattie]

    The days of protecting Canada’s tender culture from the great American machine are long gone and it’s time to adapt to the brave new digital world when it comes to this country’s arts.

    But how to do that in the great global scheme of things?

    The government of Canada is looking for ideas.

    Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly launched the second phase Tuesday in her plan to rewrite Ottawa’s approach to arts and culture, with the release of a consultation report that marks the start of virtual and cross-country consultations on “Canadian Content in a Digital World.”


    It’s an overhaul that’s probably long overdue, says Kate Cornell, co-chair of the Canadian Arts Coalition.

    The current policy is still largely based on a 1951 report from the Massey Commission, Cornell tells Yahoo Canada News.

    “It’s antiquated,” she says. “That document was incredibly protectionist because it had to be in an era where Canadians were concerned about the overwhelming influence of American culture. In today’s digital world, we’re not as worried about the looming presence of American culture. We haven’t been swallowed up by American culture as the Massey Commission worried.”

    Canadian artists are creating amazing work but being noticed — and getting paid for it — are global challenges, Cornell says.

    Read the full interview/article on YAHOO!.

  • Join us for Arts Day on the Hill 2016 | Soyez de la partie à la Journée des arts sur la Colline du Parlement 2016 !


    Join us on Tuesday, October 25th for Arts Day on the Hill!

    This event is a great opportunity for artists, arts managers and board members of arts organizations across the country to meet with Members of Parliament. It’s our opportunity to bring arts advocates from across the country together to collectively to speak to federal stakeholders and to talk with them about the value that the arts bring to Canadian communities. Arts Day on the Hill is one of our 
    most successful ways to engage parliamentarians and get their support on specific Coalition requests.

    With the election of a majority Liberal government and the announcement of significantly increased funding to the Canada Council for the Arts last fall, it might seem like the need isn’t as great for Arts Day this year. But it’s especially in times of plenty that it becomes important to meet with our government representatives, to build a positive relationship with them and to share with them the value our organizations bring to life in Canada. Artists and Parliamentarians have much to accomplish together in the next four years. We invite you to join the momentum on Parliament Hill for renewed support for artists across the country! 

    How can you get involved?

    Registration deadline is October 11!


    Soyez de la partie avec nous le mardi 25 octobre prochain pour la Journée des arts sur la Colline du Parlement !

    Cet événement est l’occasion rêvée pour les artistes, gestionnaires et conseils d’administration d’organismes artistiques de partout au pays de rencontrer des députés fédéraux. Et c’est aussi l’occasion pour nous de réunir des défenseurs des arts des quatre coins du pays, de nous entretenir avec des intervenants de la scène fédérale et de leur faire valoir l’importance des arts au sein de nos collectivités canadiennes. La Journée des arts sur la Colline du Parlement constitue l’un de nos meilleurs outils pour intéresser les parlementaires et les convaincre de soutenir des demandes précises de la Coalition.

    Avec l’élection d’un gouvernement libéral majoritaire et l’annonce d’une augmentation considérable des crédits au Conseil des arts du Canada l’automne dernier, on pourrait croire que la Journée des arts de cette année n’est plus aussi nécessaire. Mais, au contraire, c’est en période d’abondance qu’il devient particulièrement important de nous asseoir avec les représentants de nos gouvernements, d’établir des liens positifs avec eux et de leur faire connaître l’importance de nos organismes dans la vie des Canadiens et Canadiennes. Les artistes et les parlementaires ont beaucoup à accomplir ensemble au cours des quatre prochaines années. Nous vous invitons à être de la partie à la Journée des arts sur la Colline du Parlement pour continuer de demander le renouvellement du soutien en faveur des artistes par tout le pays !

    Comment participer ?

    Date limite d'inscription est le 11 octobre!

  • They're here: 2017-18 deadlines and details | Les voici: détails et dates limites 2017-18


    As you know, we're getting set to launch the first deadlines of our new programs in the spring of 2017. There is a lot to discover in the new funding model. Starting today, we invite you to explore the calendar of 2017-2018 deadlines, updated program information and more. 

    Here are a few suggestions to navigate the information, and find out how to make the most of funding opportunities ahead:

    Read more HERE.


    Comme vous le savez sans doute, nous publions les premières dates limites de nos nouveaux programmes, qui seront en vigueur au printemps 2017. Et il y a encore plus à découvrir sur notre nouveau modèle de financement. Nous vous invitons à explorer dès maintenant les dates limites du calendrier 2017-2018, les dernières infos sur nos programmes et plus encore.

    Voici quelques suggestions pour faciliter votre navigation et trouver le type de financement qui répond à vos projets.

    Continuer à lire ICI.

  • NBS is offering professional development scholarships!


    This opportunity is for dance instructors looking to expand their knowledge and expertise into a (Public School or educational) classroom setting. The material covered will include creative dance as arts education, as physical education and as a cross-curricular learning tool. The curriculum is guided by NBS’ holistic philosophy and links directly to our Sharing Dance engagement programs. Teachers who complete the course may have the opportunity to become a Sharing Dance Ambassador and deliver programs to children and youth, in school and community settings.

    Dance in the Classroom – DNC 307 (Access full list of courses here)
    Dance in the Classroom is a course focused on the applications of Creative Dance in an elementary school setting. Participants can register for one term or for the full year course.

    When: Wednesdays, 10:45am-12:15pm, September 12, 2016-June 16, 2017 (access full course calendar here)
    Term 1 (September 12, 2016 –December 21, 2016): Creative movement in the classroom
    Term 2 (January 4, 2017-April 7, 2017): Lesson design and curriculum links
    Term 3: (April 18, 2017 – June 16, 2017): Final practicum

    To apply for a scholarship, please email and tell us why you would be an ideal candidate, list your experience and provide full contact information.

  • Choreography Across Disciplines - Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity

    December 04 - December 11, 2016

    Application deadline: September 14, 2016

    A cross-disciplinary thematic residency for artists exploring choreography


    In response to a growing cross-disciplinary interest in choreography, this eight-day thematic residency co-facilitated by Ame Henderson and Christopher House will bring together 8-12 artists to engage with methods and ideas distilled from contemporary choreographic practice.

    Choreography Across Disciplines is for professional artists working in disciplines other than dance who are leaning towards choreographic ideas, and for dance practitioners investigating choreography in dialogue with other art forms. The goal of the residency is to explore how choreographic thinking - spatial, temporal and sensory - can enhance a diverse range of artistic practices.

    What does it offer?

    The residency will be grounded in embodied research, knowledge sharing and play, enhanced by encounters with a range of somatic and formal approaches and work with scores and improvisation structures. Physical activities will be supported by open discussion, writing and dialogic walks. 

    Who should apply

    For professional artists in any medium including visual art, performance, film/video, digital arts, sound arts, music, theatre, writing and inter-arts who are interested in exploring the potential of choreographic thinking in their practice, and for dance artists working with choreography in relation to, or within, other forms. 

    Participants must have experience in some physical practice (not necessarily dance-based) and be willing to act as performer/collaborators in the working of their peers; performance-as-choreography is an important aspect of the work. 

    Applicants should have an established practice with a history of public presentation, and an interest in both learning through the body and collaborating in an intensive group environment. International and Canadian artists are invited to apply.

    Learn more + how to apply.


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