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  • Arts Day 2016 – The Largest in History! Retour sur la Journée des arts 2016 : la plus importante de l’histoire !


    On Tuesday October 25, 2016, 160 arts advocates from across Canada traveled to Parliament Hill to deliver the three messages of the Canadian Arts Coalition. Together, these advocates spoke with Parliamentarians in order to:

    1. Thank the Federal Government for increased investments in arts and culture in Budget 2016
    2. Discuss how to leverage these investments for Canada’s Infrastructure Plan and for developing strong international market access, and
    3. Ensure that Canadian artists are consulted during the current Digital Culture consultations.

    These messages were well received by MPs of all parties. In total, we had 112 meetings, including 6 meetings with Ministers and 9 meetings with ministerial staff.

    A sincere thank you to all those who joined the Canadian Arts Coalition in Ottawa, representing artists and arts organizations from across the country! The strength and diversity of our voices was affirmed as we thanked and celebrated Parliamentarians for their support of the arts and cultural sector, and challenged them to join us in shaping an even brighter future ahead.

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    Le mardi 25 octobre 2016, 160 défenseurs et défenseuses des arts provenant des quatre coins du Canada se sont rendus à la Colline du Parlement afin de porter les messages de la Coalition canadienne des arts. Ensemble, le groupe rencontré 112 parlementaires afin de :

    1. remercier le gouvernement fédéral pour l’investissement dans les arts et la culture inscrit au budget de 2016,
    2. discuter les façons dont ces investissements pourront contribuer au Plan d’infrastructure et développer l’accès aux marchés internationaux et
    3. s’assurer que le point de vue des artistes canadiens est pris en considération lors des consultations sur le contenu canadien dans un monde numérique.

    Ces messages ont été bien reçus par les parlementaires de toute allégeance politique. Au total, les membres de la Coalition ont participé à 112 rencontres, dont 6 avec des ministres et 9 avec des adjoints à des ministres.

    Un gros merci à tous ceux et celles qui ont été de la partie à Ottawa et qui ont représenté les artistes et les organismes culturels de tout le pays ! La force et la diversité de nos voix étaient palpables. Ils nous ont permis de remercier et de célébrer les parlementaires pour leur soutien au secteur des arts, tout en les mettant au défi de bâtir un avenir encore plus rayonnant.

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  • Arts Day on the Hill rallies for more public funding


    Canadian artists participate in fifth lobby day to advocate for investment in arts

    It’s time we put the age-old stereotype that Ottawa is the city that fun forgot to rest. Sure we’re a government city, but that has its benefits, as was witnessed by the Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC) on Oct. 25 when they had their fifth Arts Day on Parliament Hill.

    The call for Arts Day on the Hill was a public one, with support from art lovers flowing in through social media.  The reception was held in the East Block building, and the event hosted up to 160 arts advocates that came in from across the country to speak to Members of Parliament about the necessity of their work and to lobby for a raise in public funding.

    “We were overjoyed and overwhelmed by the response of the arts community who were absolutely eager to speak with MPs in 2016,” said Kate Cornell, co-chair of the CAC. For her, “artists are absolutely essential of defining who we are as Canadians.”

    “I believe that artists reflect our society back to us on our stages in their works of art and we need artists to help us be better Canadians,” said Cornell.

    Cornell explained that “the original focal point of Arts Day was to ask for increased funding for the Canada Council. It has evolved since then but it really has been about the Canada Council.”

    Arts Day has been held every few years since then, and this year Cornell said that the gathering carried a different purpose.

    The 2016 federal budget includes $1.87 billion in arts funding. Cornell went on to share that this has been especially exciting year, since the doubling of the Canada Council budget has been one of the CAC’s main requests since its inception.

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  • Toronto artists plead for fund fairness from Ottawa

    By: Gilbert Ngabo Metro Published on Mon Oct 24 2016

    Toronto artists will join their peers in Ottawa Tuesday to demand fairer access to federal arts funding.

    About 160 artists from across the country will gather at Parliament Hill for this year’s Arts Day, where they’ll discuss the federal government’s role in creating a more diverse arts community.

    “We’re bringing an equity-seeking message to Ottawa,” said Kevin Ormsby, a Toronto-based dance teacher and choreographer.

    Ormsby said not all federal arts grants are created equal, and most of the money is channeled to larger arts companies while grassroots organizations continue to struggle.
    “These small artistic ventures are actually the ones creating an impact to our local communities, and we need to show that by allowing them more access to grants,” he said.
    While there’s still much to be improved, artists won’t just be critical when they arrive en masse on Parliament Hill; they’ll also be grateful.

    The Liberal government announced a commitment to double funding for the Canadian Council for the Arts, promising to invest up to $550 million in the organization over the next five years.

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  • Registration now open for ArtsDay | Soyez de la partie à la Journée des arts

    La version française suivra

    Join us for #ArtsDay on the Hill

    Registration now open!

    Artists and Parliamentarians have much to accomplish together in the next four years. We invite you to join the momentum on Parliament Hill for renewed support for artists across the country!
    There are two ways you can participate: 1) make the trip to Ottawa* on October 25 and 2) take part on Social Media. Click here to read more.

    *We have a small amount of funds set aside to assist equity-seeking arts workers in getting to Ottawa. If you’re an equity-seeking artist or arts manager and interested in joining us in Ottawa please get in touch with Kate Cornell, CAC Co-Chair.


    Soyez de la partie à la Journée des arts sur la Colline du Parlement.

    Incrivez-vous en ligne dès aujourd'hui!

    Les artistes et les parlementaires ont beaucoup à accomplir ensemble au cours des quatre prochaines années. Nous vous invitons à être de la partie à la Journée des arts sur la Colline du Parlement pour continuer de demander le renouvellement du soutien en faveur des artistes par tout le pays !
    Comment participer? 1) rendez-vous a Ottawa* le 25 octobre, 2) Intervenez dans les médias sociaux. Plus d'informations ici.

    * Nous disposons de quelques fonds pour aider les travailleurs artistiques appartenant à un groupe en recherche d'équité à se rendre à Ottawa. Si vous êtes artiste ou gestionnaire issu d'un groupe en recherche d'équité qui souhaitez vous rendre à Ottawa pour l'occasion, veuillez communiquer avec Kate Cornell, coprésidente de la CCA.

  • Symposium for Research [In]Between and Beside Bodies, Movement, and Performance


    Symposium for Research [In]Between and Beside Bodies, Movement, and Performance

    October 18, 2016 

    9:30AM - 4:15PM

    Location: Heliconian Club, 35 Hazelton Avenue (Yorkville area), Toronto, Ontario
    Date: October 18, 2016
    Hosts: York University’s Graduate Program in Dance, University of Toronto’s Centre for Dance Studies, Dance Collection Danse, Canadian Society for Dance Studies, and the Heliconian Club
    Call for Papers (closed): See here.
    Planning Committee Members: Patrick Alcedo, Seika Boye, Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt, Evadne Kelly, Sebastian Oreamuno, and Mary Jane Warner

     *There is no charge for this event.

    View full details HERE.


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