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  • #Budget2017 | Le budget fédéral 2017


    The Canadian Arts Coalition Thanks the Government for Investment in Infrastructure

    #Budget2017 announced an investment of $300 million over 10 years for the Cultural Spaces Fund, part of a larger $1.6 billion investment for cultural and recreational infrastructure. “These welcoming cultural spaces are community hubs that truly represent an investment in inclusive, sustainable development,” says Kate Cornell, Co-Chair of the Canadian Arts Coalition and Executive Director of the Canadian Dance Assembly.  #Budget2017 also continues the increases to the Canada Council for the Arts that began in 2016. Finally, the Canadian Arts Coalition is eager to learn how the government intends to deliver on its Budget 2016 commitments and on its other landmark initiatives, such as the Showcasing Canada program and the reflection on the digital world.

    Full release from the Canadian Arts Coalition here.


    La Coalition canadienne des arts remerci le governement de s’être engagé à soutenir l’infrastructure culturelle

    Le budget fédéral 2017 à annoncé un investissement de 300 millions de dollars sur 10 ans dans le Fonds du Canada pour les espaces culturels, un investissement de 1,6 milliard de dollars sur 10 ans dans l’infrastruture artistique et culturelle. « Les espaces culturels sont des lieux de rassemblement et d’expression de notre identité. Ils contribuent à rendre nos collectivités plus accueillantes et inclusives ; ils s’inscrivent tout à fait dans une logique de développement durable, », a affirmé Frédéric Julien, co-président de la Coalition canadienne des arts et directeur de la recherche et du développement à l’Association canadienne des organismes artistiques (CAPACOA). Le budget federal 2017 continue également les augmentations accordées au Conseil des arts du Canada depuis 2016. La Coalition canadienne des arts sera à l’affût des annonces relatives aux engagements antérieurs du gouvernement, notamment le programme Présenter les industries culturelles du Canada au monde entier et le dialogue sur le monde numérique.

    Cliquez ici pour lire le communiqué de presse complet de la Coalition canadienne des arts.

  • Saving the NEA: Dance/USA urges Americans to speak with members of Congress

    22-Mar-2017 ACT NOW TO SAVE THE NEA

    Read the full press release here from Dance/USA, urging the American dance community to speak with members of Congress today. 

    It is still early in the FY2018 American budget process, and advocates can make a difference!  
  • Possible dramatic cuts to arts funding in the United States

    04-Mar-2017 Under the Trump administration, artists and arts organizations in the United States are possibly facing:

    Currently, the NEA’s budget is $148 million which is 0.004 percent of the American federal budget (compare that with the Canada Council for the Arts, whose budget is expected to increase to $360 million by 2021). 

    The President’s budget proposal is expected in the coming months. Organizations like Dance/USA and Americans for the Arts are already in action, holding meetings on Capitol Hill and gathering support for the arts across the country.

    Click here for more information from Dance/USA.

    Learn about the Arts Put Americans to Work campaign (in last week’s New York Post) and the upcoming Arts Advocacy Day on March 20-21 in Washington DC. 
  • Canada Council for the Arts - Annual Public Meeting | Le conseil des arts du Canada - L'assemblée publique annuelle

    10-Feb-2017 la version française suivra

    The Canada Council for the Arts held its annual public meeting on January 17, 2017. 

    Learn about Canada Council's work in the last year, and what lies ahead: 


    L'assemblée publique annuelle du Conseil des Arts du Canada s'est déroulée le 17 janvier 2017.

    Apprenez-en davantage sur les réalisations du Conseil des arts du Canada au cours de la dernière année et sur ses plans d’avenir :

  • Backstage 360 with Shaw TV


    Tracy Koga of Shaw TV interviews interdisciplinary artist Freya Olafson and dance advocate Stephanie Ballard from Winnipeg.


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