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Vision Impure

Jim Smith
104-336 East 1 Ave Vancouver BC V5T 4R6

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Employing themes of vision and perception, Vision Impure - led by artistic director Noam Gagnon - creates performances that explore the intricacies of human relationships and the dynamic tension that move us. Vision Impure reflects the intimate concerns, ideas and attitudes that shape our relationships to ourselves and each other. The company is committed to creating a body of work that begins with the personal and extends these ideas both outwards and inwards, with the intention of transcending what is immanently apparent and at hand. Working from an ambition to create novel expressions, and indelible experiences in its audiences, its works strive to locate a sense of conscience and hope through intense physicality and deeply sought courage. Noam Gagnon is an acclaimed dance artist who, over the course of his career (for 16 years he was the co-artistic director and choreographer of The Holy Body Tattoo), has helped push Canadian dance into the forefront of international stage. Now the Artistic Director of Vision Impure, which he founded in 2006, Noam continues to reshape the dance landscape with his achingly intimate and powerful works. For Vision Impure, Noam has created, choreographed and performed in several full-length works, and has toured extensively throughout Canada. Noam is regularly commissioned by dance artists and companies to create works, and has collaborated with such celebrated artists as Nigel Charnock, Daniel Léveillé, The Tiger Lillies, Steven Gilmore and William Morrison. Vision Impure is formerly known as Compagnie Vision Selective.

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