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From time to time the Canadian Dance Assembly will appear in the media near you!  Watch out for CDA in the news, and download recent articles below.

  • Arts Community has high hopes for the Liberals

    01-Nov-2015 As Canada's prime minister-designate prepares to be sworn in, Eli Glasner looks at the expensive expectations of the cultural sector. See the interview here:

  • No excuses, no limits for Canadian dance ambassador Luca 'Lazylegz' Patuelli


    Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli  is this year’s Canadian dance ambassador for International Dance Day, April 29.

    The Montreal breakdancer, a.k.a. b-boy, was selected by the Canadian Dance Assembly, an arts organization which promotes and supports Canadian dance. Patuelli wrote a message and is featured in a video posted on the CDA website and has been invited to be keynote speaker at the CDA National Conference in Toronto in September.

    “I was overwhelmed when they contacted me,” Patuelli said. “This year (the CDA) wanted to highlight inclusiveness and accessibility to dance. When I sat down to write my dance message, it just flowed.”

    Patuelli talked to the Montreal Gazette about dance and life and challenges in the conference room of his office in the Belgo Building on Ste-Catherine St. W. while wife Melissa Emblin-Patuelli, a dancer and occupational therapist, worked on their Project RAD initiative in the adjacent office. Project RAD trains urban-dance teachers how to work with children with physical and intellectual challenges in the dance studio.

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  • Canadian Arts Coalition Dissapointed with Federal Budget


    The Canadian Arts Coalition is expressing disappointment with what it describes as a passing mention of the arts in the federal government’s budget.

    “We felt like our sector, over the years of austerity, has taken cut after cut, and we were hopeful that this year, we might have a different result,” said Kate Cornell, a spokesperson for the Canadian Arts Coalition and the executive director of the Canadian Dance Assembly.

    “So we’re just in general disappointed.”

    Cornell noted coalition members met with more than 100 MPs during Arts Day on the Hill in October to advocate for a $35-million increase to the operating budget of the Canada Council for the Arts to support professional artists and arts organizations.

    “We were hopeful that that would be in this budget,” said Cornell. “The arts are mentioned only in passing in this budget.”
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  • International Dance Day at Yonge & Dundas Square! / Entrez dans la ronde le 29 avril!

    28-Feb-2014 The Canadian Dance Assembly will coordinate a free noon-hour event at Yonge and Dundas Square in celebration of International Dance Day.  Our enthusiastic MC, Kevin Ormsby of KasheDance, will guide us through a dance journey to be sure we ‘catch the rhythm’ on this special occasion.  The Canadian Dance Assembly will invite local politicians to attend and dance with us.  

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    Chaque année, le Comité international de la danse de l’Institut international du Théâtre de l’UNESCO diffuse un message à travers le monde pour souligner les célébrations de la Journée internationale de la danse. Depuis 2005, l’Assemblée canadienne de la danse (ACD) émet son propre message, conjointement à celui de l’UNESCO. Au nom de l’ACD, Santee Smith, chorégraphe, interprète et directrice artistique du Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, lance un appel à l’action à l'occasion de la Journée internationale de la danse 2014.

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  • Canadian Arts Coalition welcomes renewed cultural funding in federal budget

    12-Feb-2014 The Canadian Arts Coalition is “applauding” the renewal of funding for cultural programs in the federal budget released yesterday (February 11).

    Kate Cornell, spokesperson for the organization and executive director of the Canadian Dance Assembly, said the arts coalition is particularly happy to see renewed funding for the Canada Arts Presentation Fund, the Canada Cultural Investment Fund, and Cultural Spaces Canada. “We’re also pleased to see that $25 million has been made permanent to the Canada Council for the Arts, which was previously an amount that had to be renewed from year to year,” Cornell told the Straight by phone from Toronto.

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