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  • Creative returns on investment: Funding the arts grows the bottom line


    When investment banker Robert Foster agreed to co-chair an advisory council early in January to update Toronto’s culture plan, he did so assuming everyone he spoke to shared his underlying philosophy: that a creative city drives the engine of economic growth.

    For Foster, who has been profoundly influenced by the writings of culture guru Richard Florida, the evidence is overwhelming that investing in arts and culture produces healthier, more prosperous and more livable world-class cities.

    But in an era of fiscal restraint, where many individual Canadians trim concert tickets and live theatre from their personal budgets, he might have expected resistance from those holding the public purse strings.

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  • Complaints about Sun News interpretive-dance interview overwhelm watchdog


    A Canadian broadcast watchdog says it has received a record-setting number of complaints from viewers about a recent Sun News TV interview.

    Canadian Broadcast Standards Council national chairman Ron Cohen says his organization has received more than 4,100 complaints about a June 1 interview between host Krista Erickson and Quebec-born dancer Margie Gillis.

    The council typically receives about 2,000 complaints in an entire year.

    “It's the most individual complaints we've received about a single incident,” Mr. Cohen said in a telephone interview from Ottawa on Tuesday, noting that the number is only surpassed if petitions are included.

    In fact, the council issued a release Tuesday asking Canadians to stop sending in complaints because the volume of letters already exceeds the council's resources.

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  • CDA referenced in article on CBC funding


    Say what you want about the CBC – and I have – but there are two undeniable facts about the broadcaster. First, it costs roughly $1-billion a year. Second, that cost puts it constantly under assault.

    Recent years of minority Conservative governments and the arrival of a majority have emboldened CBC-haters. What the CBC costs taxpayers is a weapon to wield against it and CBC bashing has reached a new level of hysteria. There are people who want to dance on its grave.

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  • Crystal Pite Wins Jacobs Pillow Dance Award


    Vancouver choreographer Crystal Pite has won the Jacob's Pillow Dance Award, a $25,000 US honour celebrating visionary dance artists 

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  • New Democrats Urge Tory Government to Support Multibillion-Dollar Arts Industry


    The NDP wants the Conservative government to boost support for the country's multibillion-dollar arts industry.

    A group of four New Democrat MPs with a background in the arts said they are forming a new culture caucus and asking the Tories to consider increased funding for the Canada Council for the Arts.

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