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  • Choreographer Crystal Pite from both sides now


    Seven-and-a-half weeks after having her first child, at a point when many new mothers are still trying to figure out how to get a shower every day, Crystal Pite hit the road. With baby Niko and partner Jay, she left Vancouver for Seattle, where her acclaimed dance company, Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM, was performing Dark Matters. They went on to Los Angeles, Ontario, Germany and France, baby in tow.

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  • CBC funding secure, heritage minister says


    Conservative Heritage Minister James Moore says his government believes in the CBC as a key cultural institution and has no plans to cut its funding following his party's recent electoral victory.

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  • Toronto’s future culture shock


    Creative Capital Gains — a persuasive report that will be tabled at City Hall next week — is a wake-up call. Instead of being another plea from artists for more support, it focuses on the economy and shows that Toronto’s hopes for future prosperity depend on maximizing its cultural riches.


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  • Make arts an election issue, stars urge


    Kids in the Hall founder Mark McKinney, Nicholas Campbell of Republic of Doyle and Flashpoint lead Enrico Colantoni are urging fresh thinking from all of Canada's political parties on cultural issues.

    They were among nearly 20 performers who held a news conference in Toronto

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  • For artists the issue is funding


    MONTREAL - Last time, the artists got mad. Now they want to get even.Trouble is, they’re being so quiet about it, few people are listening.

    Blindsided by $45 million in budget cuts before the fall 2008 federal election, the artistic community across the country and especially in Quebec vowed to drive Stephen Harper’s Conservatives from power.

    In the end, Harper won, the artists lost, and the cuts went ahead. Now, better organized both at the provincial and national level, the artists want their message heard more than ever.

    But compared to the outrage of 2008, they’re going about in a very polite, very Canadian way.

    Without much fanfare, Quebec’s Mouvement pour les arts et les lettres, which represents 14,000 artists, asked all five major federal parties to outline what they have in store for culture if elected.

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