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  • Farewell David Y.H. Lui


    Message from the Chair of the Board of the Canadian dance assembly and Excecutive director of Ballet BC

    The passing of impresario David Y.H. Lui will be sorely felt by the arts and culture community in Canada, and particularly in Vancouver. A recipient of the Order of Canada, David was a founder of Ballet BC, the director of the cultural component of Vancouver’s Dragon Boat Festival, and a founding member of the BC Arts Council.

    His 40-year career in the arts and was largely responsible for ushering in the dance boom of the 1970s, when he introduced Vancouver audiences to some of the world’s great dance companies, and inspired a generation of artists and viewers. Vancouver once boasted of the exciting David Y.H. Lui Theatre on Richards Street. He was the man behind the popular Dance Spectacular, later replaced by the Dance Alive series. He loved ballet, music and dance with a passion and knowledge that made him a great presenter, or as David would have rightly preferred, an impresario.

    David was a flamboyant force in Vancouver, but also a thoughtful and wise counselor.  There was no one else like David Y.H. Lui.  He will be missed.

    Jay Rankin

  • Farewell Jack! ~ Au Revoir Jack !



    The Canadian Dance Assembly joins all the Canadian community and the political milieu to present its very sincere condolences to the spouse, family and relatives of Jack Layton, who passed away the eve of August 22-23, 2011. Besides his political stature, Jack’s humanitarian skills and generosity will remain in the heart of each of us. His early departure represents a big loss for our country.


    L’Assemblée canadienne de la danse se joint à l’ensemble du peuple canadien et à la classe politique pour présenter ses condoléances les plus sincères à l’épouse, à la famille et aux proches de Jack Layton, décédé dans la nuit du 22 au 23 août 2011. En dehors de sa dimension politique, son humanisme et sa générosité resteront gravés dans le cœur de chacun parmi nous. Son départ précoce représente une grande perte pour notre pays.

  • Non aux compressions dans la culture!


    Plus que jamais les organismes culturels doivent adopter des modes de gestion responsables, durables et solidaires face aux compressions importantes affectant le financement public dans ce domaine. Partout au pays, le secteur professionnel des arts se demande d’où viendra la prochaine compression publique : du municipal, du provincial ou du fédéral. Tel un tsunami, ces compressions risquent d’emporter les organismes et les expressions artistiques les plus fragiles, de les réduire à néant.

    Cette tendance s’est amorcée en 2008, avec la suppression par le gouvernement fédéral du soutien aux tournées internationales. L’an dernier, le gouvernement de la Colombie-Britannique procédait à de terribles compressions dans les arts et la culture, suivi par celui de l’Alberta quelques mois plus tard. Dans le même ordre d’esprit, la communauté artistique a assisté avec stupéfaction, il y a quelques semaines, aux attaques verbales subies par Margie Gillis, danseuse québécoise acclamée partout dans le monde, sur les ondes du nouveau réseau de télévision Sun News.

    Visiblement, nous n’en sommes pas à la fin de cette triste tendance. En effet, on apprenait la semaine dernière que deux organismes culturels nationaux, basés à Ottawa, le Conseil des ressources humaines du secteur culturel et la Conférence canadienne des arts, qui existe depuis 60 ans, ne devraient plus recevoir de soutien financier de la part du gouvernement fédéral.

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  • Engaging Dance Audiences


    With support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the James Irvine Foundation, Dance/USA launched Engaging Dance Audiences (EDA), a $2.1 million pilot program that enables Dance/USA to analyze current dance-going activities, and its members to explore and research methods of engaging audiences for dance, learn from peers, and share the learning nationally.

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  • Stop the Arts Cuts!


    Arts organizations more than ever need to think sustainably, collectively and responsibly, given the serious cuts in Canadian arts funding. Everywhere in the country, arts professionals are wondering whether the next cut will come from the city, province or the federal government. Like a tsunami, the cuts are threatening to swamp vulnerable cultural expressions and organizations.

    It all started in 2008, when the federal government’s international touring grants were cancelled. Last year brought devastating cuts in arts and culture funding in BC, followed by Alberta a few months later. A few weeks ago and in the same spirit, an anxious arts community witnessed the verbal assault of the internationally-acclaimed Quebec dancer Margie Gillis on the new Sun television channel.

    It’s clear that we are just in the middle of this sad story. This week brought news that two national, Ottawa-based, arts service organizations, the Cultural Human Resources Council and the 60-year old Canadian Conference of the Arts will lose their federal funding.

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