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  • Miriam Adams Named to Order of Canada


    Miriam Adams, C.M., Co-founder/Director of Dance Collection Danse, is a graduate of the National Ballet School and former dancer with The National Ballet of Canada. She and her late husband, principal dancer Lawrence Adams, went on to teach, choreograph and found 15 Dance Laboratorium, Toronto’s first experimental dance venue. The Adams became publishers, producing the newspapers SPILL and Canadian Dance News, and created Visus Foundation, established to videotape dance activity in Canada. In 1983, they initiated the ENCORE! ENCORE! reconstruction project, designed to rescue Canadian choreographic works created in the 1940s and 1950s. This led to the founding of Dance Collection Danse, Canada’s national dance archives and publishing house. To date, DCD has published 38 dance books encompassing biography/memoir, cultural history, educational resources and reference books including the Encyclopedia of Theatre Dance in Canada/Encyclopédie de la Danse Théâtrale au Canada. DCD also produces an annual magazine promoting its discoveries and celebrating the country’s dance legacies.

    Miriam Adams has been a board member of the Toronto Arts Council, the Dance Umbrella of Ontario, the Nightingale Arts Foundation, Artscape, Judy Jarvis Dance Foundation and the Dancer Transition Resource Centre, among others; she is a member of the Theatre Museum Canada Advisory Council and was named Adjunct Professor at York University in 2005. She received a Dance in Canada Service Award; a Mayor’s Medal of Service; and, with Lawrence, the Dance Ontario Award for her contributions to dance. In 2009, she won the Toronto Arts Foundation's Rita Davies and Margo Bindhardt Cultural Leadership Award.

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  • Flights of fancy and leaps of faith: Dance in 2011


    In the world dance, 2011 was a pretty tame year. Very few concerts blew me out of the water, which is not to dismiss the many choreographies of worth.

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  • CCA Bulletin 34/11- The Standing Committee on Finance Report and the Arts



    CCA Bulletin 34/11

    December 19, 2011

    The Standing Committee on Finance Report and the Arts

    Just the facts

    The Standing Committee on Finance presented last week a report on its pan-Canadian consultations. The Canadian Conference of the Arts was the first of five cultural organizations[1] to appear before the Committee. This report comprises 53 proposals targeting four areas: federal finances, businesses, communities and individuals.

    In the introduction, the Committee describes arts and culture as one of the factors contributing to the strength of a community. Additionally, three pages out of this 77-page report are dedicated to arts and culture, thereby placing the sector on par with the principal players in the Canadian economy. This chapter presents a very good summary of the presentations made by witnesses but, unfortunately, the Committee’s report did not take up any of the recommendations put forward by the CCA and other witnesses.

    Coincident with the issuance of this report, the Committee announced that a study on charitable giving in Canada will be launched when Parliament returns at the end of January. This study will be of great interest to several of the 6,600 or so Canadian arts organizations with not-for-profit status. This is particularly so at a time when cuts of 10% are anticipated to impact budgets for Canada Arts Council, Canadian Heritage and agencies and corporations attached to the Ministry. Those who wish to submit a brief to the Committee on the topic of tax incentives for charitable giving should do so no later than noon on Tuesday, January 17, 2012. Briefs should be no longer than five pages in length and may be published by the House of Commons on the Committee’s Web site.

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    Bulletin de la CCA 34/11

    Le 19 décembre 2011

    Le Rapport du Comité permanent des finances et les arts

    Les faits en résumé 

    Le Comité permanent des Finances a remis la semaine dernière le rapport de ses consultations pan-canadiennes. La Conférence canadienne des arts était le premier des cinq organismes culturels[1] à comparaître devant le Comité. Ce rapport comprend 53 recommandations visant quatre secteurs : les finances fédérales, les entreprises, les collectivités et les particuliers.

    En introduction, le comité décrit les arts et la culture come un des éléments assurant la solidité des collectivités. De plus, le rapport de 77 pages en consacre trois aux arts et à la culture, ce qui place ce secteur d’activité aux côtés des principaux joueurs dans l’économie canadienne. On y trouve un très bon résumé des représentations faites à ce chapitre, mais malheureusement, le rapport du comité ne reprend aucune des recommandations mises de l’avant par la CCA et les autres témoins.

    En parallèle à la publication de son rapport, le Comité annonce qu’il entreprendra une étude sur les dons de charité au Canada au retour de la Chambre fin janvier 2012. Cette étude peut être d’un grand intérêt pour plusieurs des quelque 6 600 organismes artistiques au Canada qui ont le statut d’œuvre de bienfaisance, tout particulièrement quand on craint des coupes de 10% dans les budgets du Conseil des Arts, de Patrimoine Canadien et des agences et sociétés rattachées au ministère. Ceux qui souhaitent présenter au Comité un mémoire sur les encouragements fiscaux aux dons de charité doivent le faire au plus tard à midi, le mardi 17 janvier 2012. Le mémoire, qui doit compter au maximum cinq pages, pourrait être publié par la Chambre des communes sur le site Web du Comité.

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  • Interactive Online Dance Creation


    inlayers is an innovative dance project conceived and developed by Jenn Doan and Taryn Javier. The artists’ primary vision is to vastly expand the art of contemporary dance to new levels by using online social media to reach a worldwide public.

    RAW. Each installment consists of a contemporary dance work choreographed by Javier in 5 weeks. Filmmaker Kaelen Ohm will document every step of the way. Weekly webisodes are created and posted online to reveal pivotal moments of the artists’ work inside the studio to the online audience.

    LIVE. What compels artists to make dance? inlayers captures and reveals this mysterious organism of contemporary dance creation for all to witness and appreciate. Art is alive while in process.

    INTERACTIVE. During these 5 weeks, the artists interact with online viewers through blogs via questions and discussion topics. Witness the beautiful and unpredictable process of dance creation while engaging alongside the artists through dialogue. inlayers encourages all to participate. Comment. Critique. Ask questions. Awaken the artist within.

    If dance is your profession or within your interest, share this experience to someone who is new to this art form. It is the goal of inlayers’ artists to access new audiences, increase comprehesion, and spark appreciation of contemporary dance through what is revealed. This will in turn inspire these new viewers to experience contemporary dance in the flesh.

    join us online for inlayers - deuxieme partie
    January 9 - February 11, 2012

  • National Ballet School names new co-CEO


    Canada’s National Ballet School has appointed a senior manager at the Ontario Science Centre as its new co-chief executive officer.

    Grant Troop, who was the science centre’s chief operating officer and has a background in geology, will head the administration of the school, while co-CEO and long-time artistic director Mavis Staines will handle the artistic side.

    Although he comes from far outside the dance world, Troop’s work at the science centre put him squarely in the city’s cultural sector and education community, the school said Thursday.

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