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  • Gender Parity study in Canadian Artistic and Cultural Organizations submitted to the House of Commons


    On January 29th, the Report on Gender Parity in Canadian Artistic and Cultural Organizations was tabled in the House of Commons. The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) is thrilled to see the publication of this important study.

    CDA's Executive Director Kate Cornell was a witness during the study and is quoted in the report.

    Witnesses noted that change at the highest level can have a positive effect on hiring and recruitment throughout the entire organization. Ms. Cornell, explained: "if we change who sits on the boards, it will impact who is hired as artistic director, who is hired as executive director, and then it goes on down to the staff level."

    In particular, CDA will be advocating to the Minister of Canadian Heritage that Recommendation 6 is enacted swiftly, "That the Government of Canada, in collaboration with service organizations, develop and offer professional development programs focused on gender parity for board members."

    You can read the Report HERE.

  • Performing Arts Presenters Need Better Support / Mieux soutenir les diffuseurs en arts de la scène


    Ah, winter! For many Canadians, the season would surely be synonymous with hibernation were it not for the exceptional contribution of the arts – and of culture in general – during the cold season. With only a few days to go before the opening of numerous events throughout Canada, including Igloofest in Montreal, PuSh in Vancouver and Contact ontarois, to name just a few, and while indoors (all warm and cosy!), all sorts of shows are unfolding at a rate of 3,500 per week, signatory associations wish to stress the importance of performing arts presenters and to reiterate the urgency of providing them with greater support.

    Whether multidisciplinary or specialized, whether in the form of a festival or an indoor show, performance presenters are key players in the cultural ecosystem. They are the ones who, in cooperation with creators and producers, implement attractive programs. In fact, in recognition of their essential role, about 600 presenters are supported by the Canadian government, mainly through the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF), a vital tool without which many of them could not survive. Read more


    Ah, l’hiver ! Il serait sans doute synonyme d’hibernation pour de nombreux Canadiens si ce n’était de l’apport exceptionnel des arts et de la culture en général durant la saison froide.

    À quelques jours de l’ouverture de nombreux événements, dont Igloofest à Montréal, PuSh à Vancouver et Contact ontarois, pour ne nommer que ceux-là, et alors qu’en salle (et au chaud !) se succèdent les spectacles en tous genres au rythme de 3500 par semaine, les associations signataires souhaitent faire valoir l’importance des diffuseurs en arts de la scène et réitérer l’urgence de mieux soutenir ces derniers. Lire la suite

    PuSH Festival Vancouver – photo by Kris Krug
  • Fermeture de Fortier Danse-Création en décembre 2018 / Fortier Danse-Création to Close its Doors


    Montrèal, le 20 novembre 2018 - Après presque 40 années de créations et de diffusion, la compagnie de danse contemporaine Fortier Danse-Création fermera ses portes le 31 décembre 2018. Il s'agit d'une décision mûrement réfléchie que le chorégarphe Paul-André Fortier a prise de concert avec le directeur administratif de la companie, Gilles Savary, en poste depuis 27 ans. 

    Lire la suite


    Montreal, November 6, 2018 - After nearly 40 years of performing and touring, the contemporary dance company Fortier Danse-Création will close its doors for the last time on December 31, 2018. This carefully considered decision was made by choreographer, Paul-André Fortier, in consultation with the company's general manager, Gilles Savary, who has filled that position for the past 27 years. 

    Read more

  • Another step toward an increase to the CAPF / Un autre pas vers l'augmentation du FCPA


    The Standing Committee on Finance tabled its pre-budget report, entitled "Cultivating Competitiveness: Helping Canadians Succeed". As requested by the Coalition and its allies, the report recommends that Budget 2019 "Increase funding for the Canada Arts Presentation Fund for performing arts presenters and festivals over a three-year period in order to foster a strong domestic market that will serve as a launch pad for Canadian performing arts productions on international markets."

    Thank you to all advocates who submitted briefs, met with Committee members, spoke at open mic sessions or appeared before the committee to echo the Coalition's message: Sue Urquhart, Randy Joynt, Association franco-yukonnaise, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Festivals and Major Events, Fédération culturelle canadienne-francaise (FCCF), Citadel Theatre, Canadian Dance Assembly, Music Canada Live and all others.


    Le Comité permanent des finances a publié son rapport prébudgétaire intitulé "Cultiver la compétitivité : aider les Canadiens à réussir." Donnant suite aux demandes répétées de la Coalition et de ses alliés, le rapport recommande que le budget de 2019 "Augmente le financement consacré au Fonds du Canada pour la présentation des arts et destiné aux arts de la scène et aux festivals sur trois ans, afin d’avoir un marché intérieur vigoureux qui servira de rampe de lancement sur les marchés étrangers pour les productions canadiennes d’arts du spectacle."

    Merci à tous les défenseur des arts qui ont présenté des mémoires, ont rencontré des membres du comité, ont pris la parole lors de séances à micro ouvert ou ont comparu devant le comité pour faire écho au message de la coalition : L'Association franco-yukonnaise, Fédération culturelle canadienne-française, le regroupement des événements majeures internationaux, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Sue Urquhart, Frédéric Julien, Randy Joynt, Citadel Theatre, l'Assemblée canadienne de danse, Music Canada Live et tous les autres. L'union fait la force.

  • Calgary city council rejects freeze, instead plans to nearly double arts agency funding


    CADA's yearly budget to increase from $6.4M to $11.4M

    City council voted 10-5 Wednesday against a motion that would have frozen the Calgary Arts Development Authority's funding and plans instead to nearly double the agency's budget next year.

    This year, the city gave CADA $6.4 million. The city's proposed four-year budget would set aside $11.4 million for the organization in 2019.
    Coun. Sean Chu, who brought forward the motion for the freeze, said it's not the right time to boost funding in Calgary.

    'I believe art is a want': councillor 
    "There's need and there's want, and I believe art is a want," said Chu.

    But Coun. Jeff Davison disagreed, saying the investment in the arts is a key part of the city's economic development strategy that can pay off in terms of jobs, not to mention how a thriving arts scene can attract investors to a city. To read the full article, click HERE


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